Background on McKinsey Study

About The McKinsey Study

In the fall of 2008, we began a project to quantify the value that The Award has on Canadian society. While, within our organization, we knew the benefit that The Award was bringing to young people, we were missing the tangible proof. 

McKinsey and Company, a worldwide management-consulting firm, recognized our needs and agreed to take on this project pro-bono. Working closely with McKinsey’s Toronto office, we developed a voluntary, web-based survey aimed at past and present Award participants. This in-depth survey was designed to collect data about all facets of The Award. We looked at demographics (including diversity), personal achievements, perceived benefits, assessment of skills, and the impact the Award could have on future participants. 

The survey, launched August 2009, was comprised of 300 questions. After three months, with the assistance of Provincial and Regional offices, local leaders, the National and Divisional website, and social networking sites, we were able to collect responses from 219 participants from across the country. 

Finally, we were armed with information in black and white that we’d always known to be true: The Award does have a huge impact on Canadian youth! The Award does MAKE A DIFFERENCE. 

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