The Directors Appeal 2016

Thank you for your generous support. As part of the network of our National Board of Directors, it is individuals like you who will help us continue to champion and empower young Canadians. We strive to challenge  young Canadians to participate meaningfully in society and their community. The lessons they learn from involvement in volunteering, developing and perfecting transferable skills, increasing their physical fitness, cultivating a sense of adventure and evolving as a leader will prove invaluable for the rest of their lives. Our inclusive philosophy champions youth from all backgrounds to become their best selves and teaches them lasting lessons that prove invaluable through out their lifetime. 

You are a few simple steps away from contributing to a youth development program that affects real change by helping young people discover that they are more capable and powerful then they ever dreamed. ​

How to Donate

We have four easy ways you can send your support. 

  1. Online: You can donate immediately below.  
    To ensure that your donation is captured as part of the 2016 Directors Appeal please:
    - Select "National" from the drop down menu below
    - Select the "Other" category to enter in your personal contribution value
    - Tax receipts will be instantly issued via email upon completion of your donation. 

  2. Holiday Gifting Program: Please visit us at or email Mary Kosta-Cadas at

  3. By Cheque: Please mail your cheque to the address listed on the letterhead above and if you are interested in our gifting program, please include your order form.

  4. United Way: Our charitable # 123916751RR0002 to direct your United Way support to our organization.

Be sure to read Our Impact in  five key issues facing Canadian youth and how The Award is providing tangible solutions to all of them.