The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is going Global!

As of September 1 2013, our program follows the standards of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award. What does this mean?  There have been some minor changes to the Award requirements in Canada, with regards to the duration it takes for participants to complete the Award. This is part of a global initiative to ensure the Award standards and experience is consistent around the world. Please see below  the changes that will be coming into effect as of Sept 1 2013. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your division or 

New Fee Structure
In line with The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award requirements, participants will register for each level of the Award, submitting a $30 registration fee on each occasion. They will in turn receive a new Record Book for each level.

does this mean?  
1. When a participant initially registers for the Award at any level, they will submit a $30 registration fee for that level and receive a Bronze, Silver or Gold Record Book.
2. Upon completion of that level, they will submit their Award for approval. They will also need to register for the next level, submit a $30 registration fee and receive a Silver or Gold Record Book.
There will no longer be an annual renewal fee required (for those Divisions where it was relevant).
4. Those already registered who submit a Bronze or Silver Award after August 30th of this year will be required to pay $30 if they wish to move up to the next level. 

International Standards

What does this mean for current participants? 
If currently participating in the Award, all activities will be grandfathered until the completion of that level. Young people who enroll in the Award for the first time or proceed to the next level will follow the International guidelines. 

What are the changes?
Not much is changing with regards to how the Award is achieved. The primary change effects the length and time participants dedicate to each section of the Award.  Please see chart below.  With these new standards, the Award is introducing the concept of a 'major'. This  allows participants to select one pillar of the Award (Skill, Community Service, Physical Recreation) which they will for an additional length of time. The length of time depends on which level of the Award a participant is entering and if they have completed a previous level. Please see chart below. The concept of a 'major' emphasis gives participants the opportunity to select an area in which they wish to dedicate more time to. In essence they can select their favorite sport, skill or make more of an impact with their community service. This 'major' applies to Direct Entry participants at any level, but those continuing from one level to another do not need to complete the 'major' emphasis a second time. 

International Standard Guidelines: 

SKILL (non athletic)
minimum age 14
         13 weeks (3 months) *         13 weeks *
           13 weeks  *      2 days + 1 night       n/a ****
 * Participants must complete an additional 13 weeks (3 months) in either Physical Recreation, Skill or Community Service
minimum age 15
          26 weeks (6 months) **         26 weeks **            26 weeks **       3 days + 2 nights       n/a****
 **Participants who have not completed the Bronze level must complete an additional 26 weeks (6 months) in either Physical Recreation, Skill or Community Service
minimum age 16
          52 weeks (12 months) ***         52 weeks***            52 weeks***       4 days + 3 nights     5 days + 4 nights 
 ***Participants who have not completed the Silver level must complete an additional 26 weeks(6 months) in either Physical Recreation, Skill or Community Service
 ****The residential project can be completed at any level as long as the participant is 16 years of age or older

The Residential Project:
The Residential Project can be undertaken as long as participants are 16 years of age. 

Age Range:
The Age range in which young people can enroll in the Award will now be 14 to 24.  Participants have until their 25th birthday to complete their Award. 

Fee Structure:
As of September 1st, the fee structure for the Award has changed. Participants will now have to register for each level. The cost will be $30 for each level.


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