National Benefactor

In 2009 Jim Kinnear, President and CEO of Kinnear Financial became The Award’s first national benefactor in Canada with the largest single donation of $2.5 million dollars. With the vision to help take The Award program in Canada to the “next level” Mr Kinnear’s monies would go to enhancing infrastructure and promoting outreach. In addition, a National Benefactor Outreach Fund was established that would allow the organization to help spread awareness of The Award and support outreach projects in under-served communities across the country ultimately helping to change the lives of thousands of young Canadians.

A message from the National Benefactor

“I am proud supporter of organizations that promote and demonstrate excellence – organizations that make us proud to be Canadian. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is just such an organization.  I have been involved with The Award since 2005, attracted by its long record of helping young people develop leadership skills, self-discipline, and self-confidence. I also saw the tremendous potential that The Award has to shape the future of our country, by shaping the lives of our young people.

The Award Program has been doing tremendous work in communities across Canada for over 50 years, but it continues to fly under the radar screens of many young people and organizations who would truly benefit from participating. That is why donating to this organization was so important.  If I can help ensure that all young Canadians can have access to The Award, without economic or other barriers, I will feel that I have made a positive impact.