Parents / Guardians

A Message to Parents

Parents and guardians are critical to a young person’s experience of The Award. You have the ability to support your teen as he/she embarks on a life-changing journey. While working on The Award your teen will likely face new challenges, and also experience great joys as success is achieved. You can be there throughout to offer guidance and encouragement. This page provides information and links to pages throughout our website to help you better understand what The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is all about and how it will Make a Difference in your family’s life. 

What is the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award? 

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award empowers young people, ages 14 to 24, to Make a Difference in their own lives and the lives of others, by exploring their potential, taking on new challenges, giving back to their communities, and achieving success. It provides the opportunity to set goals and achieve results in fun and challenging ways. The Award is accessible to all youth, regardless of socioeconomic status, ability, ethnicity, or gender. Visit About The Award to learn more.

What will my son or daughter get from The Award?

  • Increased self-esteem
  • The ability to set and achieve goals
  • A motivational boost
  • A lifelong love of learning
  • New friends and invaluable networks
There’s no better way to realize the value of The Award than to read the success stories of past participants. 

You may also read more on the results of our McKinsey Study on the social outcomes of participation in The Award

Ready to share The Award with your son or daughter?

Print out our Getting Started Check List and share it with your teens today! You’ll not only be making a difference in their lives, but in yours as well!


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