Duke Delegate Nayah – British Columbia
Q: What level of the Award are you currently working on?
A: I am currently working on my Silver award!

Q: What activities do you do for each section of your Award?
A: For the physical activity section, I play soccer 3 times a week; as for my skill, which I have chosen as my major focus, I take Mandarin classes outside of school. Finally, for my service I volunteer regularly with WE Charity and Me to We. As for my adventurous journey, this winter I plan on going snow camping in Whistler.

Q: What was your worst Duke of Ed moment that you now look back on and laugh?
A: On my Bronze Adventurous Journey, I planned a trip to go caving at Strathcona Provincial park with my friends. I had never been “real” camping before (that is in the woods, no tents, no running water, no washrooms, etc.) as I soon figured out that I was wildly unprepared. My pack was stuffed to the brim with completely unnecessary supplies, and we didn’t prepare an efficient method to carry the water buckets other than dragging them with our hands! The anticipated hike time was supposed to be under an hour, but in the end it ended up taking over three! We had to stop every ten steps or so to rest our arms, although with the ridicule of the situation we couldn’t help but laugh, and I continue to laugh at this experience now!

Q: What do you hope to accomplish in your term as a Duke Delegate?
A: During my term as a Duke Delegate, I ultimately am to empower and inspire others that have not began their Award journey to embark on it. I would like to do this through sharing my exciting experiences that I’ve had the chance to do through my Award. For current award participants, I hope to give them new ideas as well as answering any questions or give advice regarding the Award, and overall act as a positive and encouraging figure in their journey as an award participant. 

Q: What do you think of the qualities of a great Leader what comes to mind? What does Leadership mean to you?
A: I have narrowed it down to the top 3 qualities that I believe every great leader should possess:

Teamwork: this one may seem surprising, although I consider it one of the most important skills to embody as a leader. In order to be a great leader, one must be able to collaborate and share ideas with others, and believe that incorporating different perspectives leads to the best possible outcome. They must be able to listen to others and work collectively. 

Confidence & Optimism: when the future is worrisome, a leader must maintain faith and good morale. They must be able to keep spirits high and encourage others to persevere. Because they are typically the driving force of the team, when they act in a calm and confident manner, others will feel the same. 

Creativity: leaders must be able to think outside of the box to provide the best ideas and solutions for their cause. Sometimes leaders cannot choose the easiest option, and they should understand that the desired solutions require new innovation. 

Q: What excites you about being a Duke Delegate?
A: I am thrilled for opportunity to meet new people from all across Canada, as well as the potential public speaking opportunities that may come with being a Duke Delegate. I am looking forward to hearing about other’s Award journeys, and sharing my own too!

Q: Can you give us one interesting fact about yourself?
A: One interesting fact about myself is that I have travelled to over 20 countries worldwide!