Duke Delegate Jade - Saskatchewan

Q: What level of the Award are you currently working on?
A: I am working on my gold award. 

Q: What activities do you do for each section of your Award?
A: My Friday nights are spent with crayons, lego, and games of dress up.  I volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring children in an after school program.  I also work with my student council, interval home, and local SPCA.  For physical activity, I do workouts and swim.  In terms of adventurous journeys, I have been kayaking in Jasper, exploring Quebec, and SCUBA diving the eastern Caribbean. My skill has consistently been music, through which I have learned multiple instruments and participated in community bands and combos. 

Q: What was your worst Duke of Ed moment that you now look back on and laugh?
A: I remember the six-mile hike up the Sulfière in St. Vincent. I remember the beauty and warmth of the tropical scenery. Most importantly, however, I remember the water in my sneakers. Before the hike, I put on my shoes and immediately slipped off of our vessel into the water. My shoes were soaked, and with the impending hike, I was less than thrilled. So, as I passed through the beautiful scenery of waterfalls, palm trees, and the impossibly steep incline ahead of me, all I could feel were squishy shoes and burning thighs. I loved the view at the top, but coming down is where my lack of reflexes and physical ability betrayed me. I fell more times than I could count. It didn't help that the trail was destroyed at points and it was extremely foggy, but I can only blame so much of the mud and blood on that. It was an amazing experience, but it was undoubtedly a challenge. Nevertheless,
I was the biggest proponent of going on another hike the next morning!

Q: What do you hope to accomplish in your term as a Duke Delegate?
A: In my second term as a delegate, I hope to connect with people in my community and inform others about the program while still reaching out personally and on social media to inspire participants. I also hope to focus on providing some content for the YouTube channel. 

Q: What do you think of the qualities of a great Leader what comes to mind? What does Leadership mean to you?
A: Leadership is often viewed as taking charge or being in command of a group of people; however, in reality, leadership is much more than that. From leading by example to being an advocate, leadership is providing direct or indirect guidance, focus, and support within a group. For me, the most important qualities a leader can have are flexibility, communication, focus, and understanding. 

Q: What excites you about being a Duke Delegate?
A: This past year has taught me a lot about the program and marketing as a whole. It has given me an opportunity to promote an amazing award that has changed my life. I hope to expand my impact and try to be useful in new ways this year by reaching out locally. It is incredibly exciting to be able to connect the award to people in my community because I know what it's like to have to introduce the award to every single assessor, and I hope that future participants will have a smoother path, possibly even in groups!