Duke Delegate Claire – British Columbia 

Q: What activities do you do for each section of your Award?
A: When I was working on the award, I practiced a variety of activities to gain a larger spectrum of skills. Some of the few that I enjoyed the most was when I practiced my writing skill, when I joined the field hockey team at my high school and when I volunteered for a local organization. From each of these activities was able to grow and gain a new perspective on the importance of certain activities. For example, I learnt how much I can benefit from writing my thoughts down. Weekly, I would take the time to contemplate certain topics in a journal style personal writing assignment. Later on, I noticed I was able to speak clearer in regards to my opinion on matters and my practice began to show in my academic writing as well. My repertoire of vocabulary grew, along with my ability to convey a message. Another activity I pursued was field hockey for fitness. Not only did this benefit my health, but I also found myself wanting to do more outdoor activities. I began to invest more of my leisure time in hiking and other team sports. This has influenced me as I now have a greater appreciation for the influence that the outdoors can have on not only physical health but also mental health. Lastly, for service, I began volunteering for a local French Immersion organization designed to support parents and students gain a FI education. This activity and work is a huge component of the skill and knowledge I have since gained.

Q: What was your worst Duke of Ed moment that you now look back on and laugh?
A: To explain my worst DoE moment, I must first mention that when I was completing the award, I was still on the book system, therefor, I took my book everywhere. It was my bible, my life source, my entire being, between a few pages. Now, I would never leave my book with anyone, yet one day I asked my friend in the program to take my book and have our field hockey coach sign it for me as a favour, boy was that a mistake. She carried my book in her backpack and while she was attending class…. her water bottle exploded. You can imagine my despair when she showed me my soaked book, I think I may have even shed a tear. I spent the rest of the day trying to salvage my signatures of running ink as they had bled through the pages. Never had I been so devastated in DoE, other than the time my peers and I got caught in a horrific rainstorm. But that’s a story for another time. I guess I have pretty bad luck with water. 

Q: What do you hope to accomplish in your term as a Duke Delegate?
A: I am hoping that with this term as Duke Delegate I will be able to meet more youth involved in the program and also introduce the program to youth as well. This program had such an impact on my development through high school and the person I am today is largely from the values I have learnt through the possibilities with DofE. 

Q: What do you think of the qualities of a great Leader what comes to mind? What does Leadership mean to you?
A: When I think of Leadership, I used to think of a very specific profile of a person. Outspoken. Confident. Positive. However, since having the opportunity to participate in some incredible leadership programs, I have learnt that leadership traits are accessible and available to everyone. This is something that I wish to convey and teach more to youth. The title of “a leader” is not confined to only a few people. The future generation should be taught critical thinking skills and to embrace the ability that they have to affect change. Not all Superheroes wear capes, nor do all Leaders run corporations or countries. Leadership is attainable, you just have to be willing to step up and speak up. 

Q: What excites you about being a Duke Delegate?
A: I am excited about being a Duke Delegate since I get to continue to remain actively connected to this community of incredible people. I am excited to see what opportunities it continues to bring to not only myself, but also those just starting the program and beginning their journey with DoE. However, I am also excited to see changes happen and how this program will continue to grow. I am excited to be a part of that growth. 

Q: Can you give us one interesting fact about yourself?
A: An interesting fact about myself…. hmm… Because of DofE I met Justin Trudeau? Is that interesting enough? If so, and I ever meet you, shake my right hand and you can indirectly shake his hand too.