History of The International Gold Event

In 1967, Canada hosted what it called a Commonwealth Gold Expedition. The idea was to provide the opportunity for Award participants from a variety of countries to do their Gold expedition (Adventurous Journey). The success of that first event, and the belief of its alumni that others should benefit from the experience, led to more events being organised. Over time, these have evolved from an expedition for participants to something quite different – an opportunity to bring together the next generation of key decision makers and influencers within the worldwide Award family, to equip them to undertake leadership roles nationally, regionally and globally.

What started as a youth event has now become something aimed at people who are described as ‘emerging leaders’. International Gold Event participants may be young people, or they may be up to the age of 35. What they have in common is that they have been identified by others as people to watch: the individuals who will drive forward the Award’s growth and development in the coming years