Virtual Bronze Exploration


Virtual Bronze Exploration (VBE)

What is the VBE?
In a continuing effort to provide Award participants and Award Leaders with innovative resources to enhance their Award experience, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Canada is excited to announce the launch of the Virtual Bronze Exploration (VBE). The VBE is an online resource for Bronze participants to complete their Adventurous Journey (AJ) in a virtual (or semi-virtual) space. As with the traditional AJ, the VBE aims to develop teamwork, problem solving, cooperation, and planning skills. 

Using Google Classroom, the VBE is completed in 5 Stages. 

Stage 1: Preparation & Training (Part A & B)
The Preparation & Training stage (Stage 1) will be useful and act as a base level of knowledge for your Adventurous Journeys at the Silver and Gold levels. 

Stage 2: Group Planning
The Planning stage (Stage 2) will ensure that the whole group works together. 

Stage 3: Practice
The Practice Journey stage (Stage 3) is your chance to test some of the ideas in your plan.

Stage 4: Virtual Journey (Expedition)
In the Virtual Journey (Stage 4), the day’s activities are intended to give a flavour of a physical expedition, using videos of virtual walks from some beautiful parts of the world. You will also challenge yourselves physically by undertaking a four hour activity challenge. The Virtual Journey will also include a camp cooking challenge and eating a group meal "together" as though you were camping. 

Stage 5: Research Project (Exploration)
Your Exploration starts as soon as your Virtual Journey activity has finished. You will have a maximum of 10 days from the end of your qualifying Virtual Journey to complete a group Research Project (Stage 5) that involves the whole group in online research as well as sharing and learning from personal experiences of others in the group. 

The VBE provides an Award Centre with the opportunity to organize an AJ virtually during COVID-19. It allows participants an accessible option to work together to overcome challenges in a group setting while still adhering to local COVID-19 restrictions. Award Leaders will help participants to organize a group and complete the stages with regular virtual meetings. In this virtual setting, the Award Leader is able to act as both the AJ Assessor and AJ Supervisor, or may get other adults to assist. 

Who can use the VBE?

The VBE is currently designed for Bronze level participants who would like to complete their AJ. The activity will take a maximum of five weeks and will provide structure and content to participants. The VBE is being adapted to also provide support for participants to complete the Silver and Gold Award levels, making more use of flexibilities in Covid-19 restrictions, while still emphasizing the crucial team skills of the AJ. More information will follow.

Getting Started
As an Award Leader, you can access the VBE Facilitator’s Guide designed for Award Leaders on our Award Leader Resource Portal.  If you do not yet have access to this resource portal as an Award Leader, please contact your Division. Award Leaders are encouraged to contact their division office if their Award Centre is interested in taking part in this opportunity.

Note to Participants - The VBE is currently being run through Award Centres and/or Award Leaders. If you are an Independent participant without an Award Leader you can register here to do your VBE. Once you have registered a staff member from your Division will be in touch to get you started!