Royal Canadian Army Cadets

Select equivalencies are recognized by the Award per the MOU, listed below. These equivalencies may be used towards the Award though participants must also adhere to the requirements of the Award and its framework.

Equivalencies obtained through cadet training where the participant/cadet is employed and paid, do not qualify towards the Award (e.g. a cadet who is employed as a summer staff cadet, will not be given credit for "service" where they received payment for that service nor for an "expedition" where they received payment for that expedition). This would not include course cadets who receive a training bonus.

What is the Award?

In order to earn the Award, participants are required to participate in community service, learn a skill, engage in physical fitness, and learn about the natural environment in an extended outdoor trip known as the Adventurous Journey. At the Gold level, participants are also required to spend time away from home working towards a shared, purposeful goal with a group of people who are not their usual companions. For more information, see our Award Framework.

Royal Canadian Army Cadets – D of E Program Equivalencies

Certain activities are recognized in the MOU. For any questions, contact the Division Office.

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  • M102.01 – Perform Community Service
  • C102.01 – Participate in a Ceremonial Parade
  • C102.02 – Perform Community Service
  • M202.01 – Perform Community Service
  • M302.01 – Perform Community Service
  • M309.07 – Instruct a 15-Minutre Lesson
  • C309.03 – Instruct a 15-Minute Lesson
  • C309.06 – Instruct a 15-Minute Drill Lesson
  • M402.01 – Perform Community Service
  • M409.05 – Instruct a 30-Minute Lesson
  • C409.02 – Instruct a 30-Minute Lesson
  • C409.03 – Act as an Assistant Instructor
  • C409.05 – Act as an Assistant Drill instructor
  • C409.06 – Instruct a 30-Minute Lesson
  • 502PC – Perform Community Service
  • 503PC – Conduct an Activity
  • Biathlon
  • Effective speaking
  • Music training
  • Camp craft
  • First aid
  • Orienteering
  • Coaching a sports team
  • Flag party
  • Officiating and refereeing
  • Designing drill sequence
  • Knot tying
  • Survival training
  • Expedition skills
  • Instructional techniques
  • Geocaching
  • Marksmanship
Physical Recreation
  • C104.01 – Participate in the Cadet Fitness Assessment
  • M105.01 – Participate in Physical Activities
  • C105.01 – Participate in Organized Sports Tabloids
  • C105.02 – Participate in an Organized Intramural Sports Event
  • C105.03 – Participate in an Orienteering Event
  • M108.01 – Adopt the Position of Attention, Stand at Ease, and Stand Easy
  • M108.02 – Execute a Salute at the Halt Without Arms
  • M108.03 – Execute Turns at the Halt 3/7
  • M108.04 – Close to the Right and Left
  • M108.05 – Execute Paces Forward and to the Rear
  • M108.06 – Execute the Movements Required for Right Dress
  • M108.07 – Execute an Open Order and Close Order March
  • M108.08 – March and Halt in Quick Time
  • M108.09 – Execute Marking Time, Forward, and Halting in Quick Time
  • M108.10 – Execute a Salute on the March
  • M108.11 – Pay Compliments with a Squad on the March
  • C108.01 – Execute Supplementary Drill Movements
  • C108.02 – Participate in a Drill Completion
  • M123.02 – Participate in a Day Hike
  • C111.04 – Participate in a Recreational Summer Biathlon Activity
  • C123.03 – Participate in Snowshoeing
  • M204.01 – Perform the Pacer (Beginning Year)
  • M204.05 – Perform the Pacer (End Year)
  • C204.01 – Perform the Pacer (Mid Year)
  • M205.01 – Participate in Organized Recreational Team Sports
  • M208.01 – Execute Left and Right Turns on the March
  • M208.02 – Form Single File from the Halt
  • C208.01 – Practice Ceremonial Drill as a Review
  • C208.02 – Execute Drill with Arms
  • C211.02 – Run on Alternate Terrain
  • C211.03 – Fire the Cadet Air Rifle using a Sling Following Physical Activity
  • C211.04 – Participate in a Competitive Summer Biathlon Activity
  • M304.02 – Participate in the Cadet Fitness Assessment
  • C304.01 – Participate in the Cadet Fitness Assessment
  • M305.01 – Participate in Organized Recreational Team Sported
  • M308.01 – Prepare a Squad for Parade
  • M308.02 – Deliver Words of Command
  • C308.01 – Execute Flag Drill
  • C308.02 – Deliver Words of Command
  • C311.01 – Practice Aiming and Firing the Cadet Air Rifle Following Physical Activity
  • C311.02 – Participate in a Recreational Summer Biathlon Activity
  • M326.02 a-c – Paddle a Canoe, Ride a Mountain Bike, Hike Along a Route
  • M404.01 – Participate in the Cadet Fitness Assessment
  • M405.01 – Participate in Organized Recreational Team Sports
  • M408.03 – Command a Squad
  • M426.02 a-e – Paddle a Canoe, Ride a Mountain Bike, hike Along a Route, Snowshoe Along a Route, Ski Along a Route.
  • M504.01 – Participate in the Cadet Fitness Assessment
Adventurous Journey
  • M224.04 – Identify Emergency Shelters
  • M324.01 – Construct an Improvised Shelter
  • M121.05 – Recognize Environmental Hazards
  • M121.06 – Identify Environmental Injuries
  • M221.04 – Perform Basic First Aid
  • M122.01 – Identify Types of Maps
  • M122.05 – Determine a Grid Reference
  • M222.04 – Determine Distance Along a Route
  • M322.02 – Calculate Magnetic Declination
  • M222.02 – Describe Bearings
  • M222.03 – Identify Compass Parts
  • M222.06 – Follow a Magnetic Breaking Point to Point
  • M121.08 – Apply “Leave No Trace” Camping
  • C224.01 – Cook in the Field
  • M121.01 – Select Personal Equipment
  • M121.02 – Transport Personal Equipment
  • M221.02 – Identify Section (group) Equipment
  • M425.03 – Develop an Expedition Equipment List