Each activity a young person undertakes for the Award requires a Section Assessor, an adult mentor who is experienced in the activity, conducts specific training for that activity, and signs off completion. You play an important role in the accountability of the Award program, and must be someone who is qualified or experienced to assess in the activity of section. The Section Assessor should be available at key stages throughout the participant's experience in order to assess their contribution and development and will engage with the participant by offering guidance, mentoring, and encouragement throughout the young person's work towards the Award.

Assessors cannot a member of a participant's immediate family. Award Leaders cannot be Assessors unless they are suitably ​experienced in the activity they are assessing.

What is my role as an Assessor?

As an Assessor, you will need to understand the requirements of the respective section you are mentoring in. You may be consulted to support your participant in the setting of their aims and objectives for each section of their Award. Utilize the SMART Goal Setting Worksheet in discussion with your participant.

Award Leaders are advised to show you the relevant chapter of the Award Handbook or relevant Award Framework module. Should you have any questions, contact the Division Office and we will put you in touch with your participant's Award Leader.

Once a participant has completed a section in their Online Record Book, their Leader should conduct a final review of the activity with the participant and ​yourself, helping the participant reflect and analyze their activities. By spending time analyzing what went well and why, helps build up the participant's self-confidence and self-esteem.

If you decide the participant has met the section requirements according to the Award Framework, you will write a final report commenting on their effort, commitment, improvement towards the goal they set out. In some cases, you may determine the young person must spend more time to achieve the goal set out and this matter should be discussed with the participant and their Award Leader.

How do I provide the final report?

The Section Assessor's final report can be submitted in two ways, these include:

  • Online - the report is added directly into the participant's Online Record Book (ORB). The young person must have entered in your email contact information in their ORB before you can submit your report. You will be notified by email that the participant has finished the section you are assessing them for.
  • On paper - Using the Assessor report template or any other written submission, send this to the participant who can scan and upload it to their ORB.
Please ensure the comments in your report are detailed, positive, and encouraging. Thank you for supporting young people with their activities.


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