An Assessor is a mentor, someone who is qualified or experienced in the activity chosen by a participant. The Assessor plays an important role in the accountability of the Award program. They must be someone who is qualified to assess in the activity of that Award section and verify a participant's progress towards meeting their goal.

An Assessor should be available at key stages throughout the participant's experience in order to assess their contribution and development and will engage with the participant by offering guidance, mentoring, and encouragement throughout the young person's work towards the Award.

Parents, relatives, and Award Leaders cannot be Assessors unless they are suitably ​experienced in the activity they are assessing. Should there be questions on the suitability of an Assessor for an activity, please contact the Division Office.

What is the Award?

In order to earn the Award, participants are required to participate in community service, learn a skill, engage in physical fitness, and learn about the natural environment in an extended outdoor trip known as the Adventurous Journey. At the Gold level, participants are also required to spend time away from home working towards a shared, purposeful goal with a group of people who are not their usual companions. For more information, see our Award Framework.

What does the Assessor do?

Within each section, a young person need to choose a goal to work towards. Prior to beginning the activity, the participant should discuss their SMART goal with the Assessor. The participant may look to you for guidance in setting realistic goals and developing a program to achieve their goal.

An Assessor should be available throughout the participant's experience in order to discuss their progress. The frequency of the contact and monitoring between a participant and Assessor will depend on the activity and independence of the participant. It is recommended contact take place every 2 to 4 weeks, or when it is appropriate.

As a participant progresses, the Assessor provides empowerment and encouragement. Once a section is complete, the Assessor will meet with or contact the participant to discuss their performance, experiences and achievements. If the Assessor decides the participant has met the section requirements according to the Award Framework, they will write a final report commenting on the participant's effort, commitment, improvement towards the goal. Assessors may refuse to write the final report if they are not satisfied that a participant has complied with the requirements.

In some cases, a young person who sets out to achieve the Award may decide to stop or take a break just because they feel like it, and that is okay. An Assessor's guidance, encouragement, and understanding will help equip young people for the life ahead of them.

How does the Assessor provide the report?

The Assessor's report can be submitted in two ways, these include:

  • Online - the report is added directly into the participant's Online Record Book (ORB). The young person must have entered in your email contact information in their ORB before you can submit your report. You will be notified by email that the participant has finished the section you are assessing them for.
  • On paper - Using the Assessor report template or any other written submission, this will be sent this to the participant to upload it to their ORB.
Please remember to keep your comments positive and encouraging. Thank you for supporting young people with their activities.