We have developed our impact measures by examining existing research and evidence on the Award's effectiveness as a youth development tool. Much of this evidence is based on young people's own reports of how doing the Award has transformed their outlook, but it also takes into account the views of employers, educational institutions, parents and youth leaders.

Young people across the country are growing, learning, exploring, developing, and thriving thanks to The Award and its remarkable program.

Impact Measures
Outcomes for Young People
Improved Educational Attainment
Improved educational attainment
Improved Employability and Sustainable Livelihoods
Improved employability and sustainable livelihoods
Ability to manage feelings
Improved Health and Wellbeing
Improved health and well-being
Resilience and determination
Increased Participation in Civic Life
Increased participation in civic life
Building relationships and leadership
Social Inclusion
Social inclusion
Creativity and adaptability
The Environment
The environment
Planning and problem-solving
Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women
Gender equality and the empowerment of women
Civic & intercultural competence
Reduction and Prevention of Violence
Reduction and prevention of violence, conflict resolution and peace-building
Personal and social well-being
Reduced Reoffending Rates
Reduced reoffending (recidivism) rates
  • The idea of being able to receive recognition for things that I was already doing was very appealing to me… when I started the Award, my focus was on how quickly can I check off the requirements, but over time, it changed to be how I can have the greatest adventure, make the best memories and be the best citizen.
    - Shelby R., Bronze Award Achiever
  • Starting my Bronze Award, I realized I needed to be a lot more involved in my community. Now that I've completed it, I want to continue giving back to my community as well as making more discoveries about myself and my interests... it is thanks to [the Award] that I was able to gain self-confidence and change for the better.
    - Jenny Z., Bronze Award Achiever
  • I have confidence that this experience has made me more "World Ready" as it taught me the importance of knowing when to back away and understand my limits. In this fast-paced, constantly evolving world, I believe that the skill of saying "no" and setting boundaries will be of utmost importance to maintain well-rounded, fulfilled, capable and mentally healthy individuals.
    - Charlotte H., Silver Award Achiever
  • All that time in sport has taught me will and motivation are without a doubt, the most important factors in achieving one’s goals… it gave me the opportunity to represent my province at the Canada Games and join the UBC rowing team where I got to train with and learn from future Olympians.
    - James K., Gold Award Achiever
  • On a participant in the Youth Resiliency Program:
    One of the most fascinating things to watch during the program is [the participant’s] ability to be a leader. He can always influence his peers and I enjoy watching his dynamics… I am looking forward to seeing his growth and contributing everything I can towards it.
    - Ryan "Rubix" De Guzman, Youth Central