Award Coordinators and Leaders are the front line of the Award, playing one of the most fundamental roles— that of developing the young people with whom they are actively involved.

An Award Coordinator focuses on supporting and managing the adult volunteers serving as Award Leaders. Award Leaders spend most of their time working directly with the young people to engage them in the Award, by helping to guide these participants in setting clear and achievable goals and reminding them to stay in frequent contact with their Assessors. Award Leaders should also routinely be in contact with each young person's Assessors to monitor their progress, particularly if a participant is found to not be regularly logging their activities.

Award Leaders are responsible to support participant needs and encouraging participants to take an active role in constructing their strategies to drive them forward. In larger Award Units, the recruitment of additional volunteers as Assistant Leaders can be helpful to assist Award Leaders in delivering the Award.

An Open Letter to Award Leaders from National Executive Director, Stephen De-Wint.
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Presentations & Promotional Materials

As Award Units have an established connection with the young people they work with, our Division has recently made a number of resources available to help Award Leaders with create presentations for the young people in their group. Licenced Award Units have access to a variety of videos, printable brochures, printable postcards and other material which can be found here.