If you work in a capacity where you engage with young people on a daily basis, The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award provides an opportunity to help you enhance your developmental programming. We offer a framework that weaves into the fabric of what you do, and together we can enrich the lives of young Canadians even more.

Organizations that sign-up to deliver the Award are joining a growing family of Award providers who want to use this framework to help young people become the best version of themselves. Delivering the Award brings your organization many benefits, not least the opportunity to help develop young people and support them on their journey as they discover what they are truly capable of.

Become an Award Centre

In order to become an Award Centre, you will be asked to provide documentation to help provide evidence of the following:
  • Your organization is an established and reputable legal entity (e.g. company number, etc...).
  • You have values and a philosophy that aligns with the principles of The Award and that the program can be a logical fit within the scope of your organization.
  • That you have the administrative and financial capacity to manage delivery of the Award.
  • You have risk management and aligned youth protection policies and procedures.
  • You have appropriate public liability and other relevant insurance.

Agreement and Signature

Assuming all the above steps have been followed and your organization meets the requirements to become and Award Centre, The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award will prepare and confirm a formal agreement, in order to help protect the reputation, quality and brand value of the Award. Prior to being authorized as an Award Centre, you must arrange for a senior manager within your organization to sign the agreement.

Delivering the Award - Initial Set-Up and Training

Once the agreement has been signed, your organization's Award team will receive training to guide you to successfully deliver the Award and all its sections. We are committed to ensuring high quality training is in place for organizations that deliver our framework.

Many of your team will be able to access their initial training online, with Award Centre Coordinators going on to further in-person training. Your organization will become eligible to deliver the Award as soon as at least two persons in your organization have completed Level 1 and enrolled to complete a Level 2 workshop (on a date within the following 6 months of completing Level 1).

Your team's Award Coordinator will work with the Divisional Office to create a development plan for your centre. Supported by your Award Coordinator, your Award team will begin mentoring young participants in planning their Award, setting SMART goals, and doing activities.

Supporting young people as they transition into adulthood

The Award is not a sprint, but a marathon. While ​some young people can complete the Award through effort over consecutive months, others may take longer. In some cases, a young person who sets out to achieve the Award may decide to stop or take a break just because they feel like it, which is okay.

A young person can take as long as they want to complete their Award, subject to the maximum age of 25 years.

A participant should always be supported by an Award Leader. To maintain continuity in support, we encourage all Award Centres to have a succession plan in place for persons delivering the Award.

Register as an Award Centre today

Please contact us to begin your journey of delivering the Award to your network of young people.