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/_uploads/on/images/rainbow_rule.png Brochure - The Duke of Edinburgh's Award
Postcard - The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

For Uniformed Groups
Brochure - Royal Canadian Air Cadets
Brochure - Royal Canadian Army Cadets
Brochure - Royal Canadian Sea Cadets
Brochure - Junior Canadian Rangers

Quicksheet - Royal Canadian Air Cadets
Quicksheet - Royal Canadian Army Cadets
Quicksheet - Royal Canadian Sea Cadets
Quicksheet - Junior Canadian Rangers

Quicksheet - Girl Guides
Quicksheet - Scouts

Participant Worksheets

/_uploads/on/images/rainbow_rule.png SMART Goal Setting Worksheet
Activity Budget Worksheet
Award Community List Worksheet
Participant Award Plan Worksheet


/_uploads/on/images/rainbow_rule.png Participant Handbook
Award Leader Handbook


/_uploads/on/images/rainbow_rule.png Parent/Guardian Consent Form
Volunteer Code of Conduct Form

Submission Forms*
Bronze | Silver | Gold
* required for all submitted hard-copy Record Books issued before 2019

Replacing a Lost Badge/Certificate


There is a $10 fee for a replacement badge or replacement certificate. Please supply as much information as possible, including the month and date when you received your certificate or badge and where it was issued. Other supporting information might include: a photograph or scan of your completed record book or DofE certificate or a press cutting about your completion (it's surprising how common these are). Click here to send an email to the Division Office.

Transferring Divisions


If you are moving to another province or country, please click here to send an email to the Division Office.