The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award licenses organizations that work with young people, such as schools, colleges, youth groups and clubs. These organizations deliver the Award to young people in their home communities or local regions. Through an Award Centre, young people are supported by trained Award Leaders who help them to choose their activities, set their goals, and achieve their Award. Being part of an Award Centre provides the opportunity for a young person to connect to a community of support for their Award journey, helping them to develop essential skills and attributes for work and life such as resilience, problem-solving, team-working, communication and drive.

If you're interested in doing your Award:

  • Ask your school, college or university— if they don't already deliver the Award, they might consider setting it up.
  • Join a national youth group that ​offers the Award for its members, such as Scouts Canada or the Canadian Wildlife Federation.
  • Get in touch with your local youth club and see if it has a license.
  • Contact an organization in your area below for more information on joining their Award Centre. Where no local Award Centre is available, we suggest that you consider sharing this opportunity with others who may be able to help start one in your area. Organizations and/or individuals that might be interested in starting a new Award Centre can learn more here.





What if there isn't an Award Centre in my area?

Where no local Award Centre is available, we suggest sharing this opportunity with your school, college, university or another organization who might consider starting ​one.


Interested in ​starting an Award Centre?

If you work in a capacity where you engage with young people on a daily basis, The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award provides an opportunity to help you enhance your developmental programming. We offer a framework that weaves into the fabric of what you do, and together we can enrich the lives of young Canadians even more.