Girl Guides & The Award


The Girl Guides program and The Duke of Edinburgh's Award have a long history together, with thousands of Guides earning their Award through their Guide Units.

Trex and Pathfinders (ages 14 and over), Rangers, and young Guide leaders can use some of their program activities towards the Award. Participants ​are not restricted to only Guide activities, and may also choose to use other activities they participate in their schools or communities in their Award design.

What is the Award?

In order to earn the Award, participants are required to participate in community service, learn a skill, engage in physical fitness, and learn about the natural environment in an extended outdoor trip known as the Adventurous Journey. At the Gold level, participants are also required to spend time away from home working towards a shared, purposeful goal with a group of people who are not their usual companions. For more information, see our Award Framework.

Like all other participants, Guides must adhere to the requirements of the Award and its framework, which include setting clear SMART goals.

Not all ​program activities count towards the Award. Check the list of commonly accepted activities below. For more information about bringing the Award Program to your Girl Guide group, contact our Program Coordinator.

Examples of Girl Guide activities

This list is a guide of common activities only. To ask about whether an activity qualifies, contact the Division Office.

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  • Community service work
  • Connect with a local organization or charity
  • Cookie selling (as a volunteer service)
  • Provincial Youth Council
  • National Youth Council
  • Provide a service, take action, or speak out on an issue that is important to you
  • Ranger Service Project
  • Volunteer fairs
  • Volunteering as a Girl Assistant
  • Arts & crafts
  • Caring for a car or a bike
  • Identify animal tracks
  • Use different kinds of maps to explore new places
Physical Recreation
  • Canoeing
  • Cycling
  • Dancing
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Sports
  • Swimming
  • Yoga
Adventurous Journey

Some, but not all, Girl Guide camps can be counted as Adventurous Journeys.

Many Guide camps, conferences for Junior Leaders/Unit Guiders, international trips, Guide exchanges, and conferences & competitions are more suited towards a Gold Project for the purposes of the Award, and will not be accepted as an Adventurous Journey. To avoid being disappointed, we strongly suggest contacting the Division Office to discuss planning your Adventurous Journey.

Gold Project

Many Guide camps, conferences for Junior Leaders/Unit Guiders, international trips, Guide exchanges, and conferences & competitions qualify towards a Gold Project.

A Gold Project can be ​done and banked for the Gold level as long as:

  • the participant is least 16 years old, and;
  • they are registered and working towards any level of The Award