Welcome to the Divisional portal of the website. Within this section you'll find the resources at the local level to help you complete your Award journey. Your Division is the Province or Territory in which you currently live and are completing your Award.
Give the gift of empowerment to Canada's greatest resource – our young people.

In order to enable us to continue offering the Youth Resiliency Project in Alberta through 2021, we need to raise an additional $50,000. If your personal circumstances allow you to support the Award experience for a young person at this time, we thank you in advance. You can easily donate using our World Ready platform.



The Award during COVID-19

We recognize that this is a worrying time for everyone, and participants may be concerned about how they will continue their Award. If you’re unable to do your usual activities, take a look at our ideas for how you can keep your Award going remotely or in isolation during the coronavirus outbreak.




Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut Division

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award empowers young people, ages 14 to 24, to give back to their communities, explore their interests and passions, commit to their health and wellness, and gain an appreciation for the natural environment. With guidance from Award Leaders and assessors, young Canadians are given a supportive, non-competitive youth development platform that deepens self-awareness, builds confidence, and broadens skills and experience to further their growth as active, responsible citizens.

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Invest in Canada's greatest resource, its young people.

When you donate to the Award, you are helping to make a difference in the lives of young Canadians by providing them the opportunity to explore their potential, take on new challenges, give back to the community, and achieve success.

Your donation ensures that all young people across Alberta, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut to have the opportunity to participate in The Award, regardless of social, economic or geographical background.


The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a non-competitive, non-academic, self-directed framework based on experiential learning that recognizes youth for the improvements they make in their communities and themselves. Any young person aged 14-24 can do the Award, regardless of their financial resources. Financial accessibility is addressed by keeping the registration cost lower than the full cost of delivering the program, and waiving the registration fee entirely for participants who cannot afford it. The difference between revenues from registrations and the cost to deliver the program is bridged with government and foundation grants and corporate and individual donations. All donations go toward the general operations and program delivery of the Award division, unless funds are specifically earmarked for a particular program. We will seek to raise $30,000 in donations in 2020. The cost of raising these funds is estimated to be less than 15% of total donations and is calculated as the portion of the Executive Director’s working time that is allocated towards fundraising efforts, plus minimal incidental expenses such as postage and printing costs.

For further information, please contact Ashley Tedham, Executive Director at (403) 237-7476.  
Our address is Suite #560, 1201 5th Street S.W.