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​Passion to Purpose Acadia

 Equipping young Canadians with the tools they need to do something about the current issues that matter to them.

​In Their Own Words... 

"This past week I’ve made the most incredible friends and I recognized that my passions are valid, and failure is okay. I’m excited for the incredible things coming in the next little while, but I’m ever so excited to know that our country is in the best hands with a group of leaders like these people."

Breana Andrews
P2P Acadia Alumni
Bronze Award Holder




Wolfville, Nova Scotia 
July 8-13, 2019

Passion to Purpose focused on five core themes:

Finding your spark
On day one, participants were challenged to brainstorm how their project could benefit their community in a responsible and effective way. 

Good Health and Wellbeing 
The focus for day two was on the importance of maintaining physical and mental health, while promoting healthy activity and leadership within their communities. We also explored the importance of emotional intelligence as a skill that all strong leaders must possess.

The Fabric of Canada
On day three, we focus on the importance of insuring participants projects would instil the values of inclusivity, resilience and sustainability within your community. This included activities to build understanding through our shared history through an interactive workshop with Indigenous community leaders. 

Reduced Inequalities
The focus for day four was on the importance of reducing inequalities within Canada through innovative project ideas. Alumni from the Regina 2018 took part in a panel where they discussed their project experiences, milestones and goals. 

Giving Back and Moving Forward
On day five we focused on the importance of conservation and sustainability. Participants spent the morning with an environmental clean-up and spent the afternoon completing their project plans and grant applications.

Throughout the week, participants had the pleasure of speaking with numerous highly skilled professionals, whose mission is to see them succeed in life - in whatever way they choose to define success. 
Passion to Purpose will help youth transform their passion into a purpose where they will be able to access grants of $250, $750, or $1,500 that will turn their passion into an action plan they can implement in their community. Young people felt very touched by their experience as Kathryn Saigle, a P2P alumni remarks:

“Passion to Purpose is an essential experience for motivated young individuals and integral to the future trajectory of Canada.”

Participants were encouraged  to open their minds to the possibilities and the resources available to them as a young Canadian and citizen of the world.

Passion to Purpose is an initiative developed under the Canada Service Corps, a federal program that is being developed by youth, for youth. The program aims to support young Canadians to get involved in the community through service opportunities.