Award Holder Society

Welcome Award Holders

 We are pleased to announce the creation of a National Award Holder Society for all past Award Alumni. The Award Holder Society (AHS) is a community comprised of past Award achievers who have become once again involved in the Program. There are a number of ways that you can bring your past achievement to help today’s youth who are currently participating in the challenge. See how you can give back and support the Duke of Ed below.

Be sure to join our Global Award Alumni Network to stay in touch with the Award!

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How you can stay involved

Mentoring Current Participants:

Become an Assessor
Attending Expeditions 
Participating in Service Projects
Become a Group Leader


Lending a hand with your Division office:

Planning events
Award Holder Society
committee work
Helping with Award Ceremonies
Public Relations of the program
in your Division 


Supporting the Award Program:

International Travel/Conferences


 /_uploads/images/participants/alumni/Map-of-Canada12.png The Award Holders Society is currently active in the following Divisions:

British Columbia & Yukon
Alberta, NWT & Nunavut
Ontario - Gold Award Holders Association 
Quebec - Gold Award Holders Association
Prince Edward Island

If you would like to join the AHS or if the Award Holders Society is not currently active in your Division and you are interested in being the founding member please contact your local office for more information.