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MONDAY JUNE 25TH, 2018 - Calling all Duke of Ed Alumni and Award Achievers!

The Ontario Award Holders Association committee is looking for new members! This committee is the direct link between alumni and the Ontario Board of Directors. We work to ensure that the issues of alumni are heard, events are planned, networking is available and so much more. Our committee needs to grow in order to reach more people and areas in Ontario. We are looking for passionate, dedicated, and hard-working award holders that are willing to commit to the committee, the meetings, the planning of events, etc. The opportunity to sit on a committee is  an incredible way to develop your leadership skills which can lead to future involvement on the Duke of Edinburgh's Ontario Board!

We need your help in the following areas:
Regional Events  - Organize regional events to engage Alumni
Development Beyond the Award - Organize professional development webinars and events, share career development tips and sources of inspiration
Communication - Manage communications to Alumni Community on Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, Email Campaigns
Alumni Network Promoter - Promote Ontario Duke of Edinburgh's events (Ski for the Duke, Breakfast) and expand the Alumni Association/recruit new members

This committee is a chance to connect with the Ontario Board of Directors, network, assist the award develop and build your resume.
To complete an application please complete the following survey by July 4, 2018.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or on social media.

Thank you!

Erin Maitland & August White
Co-Chairs of the Ontario Award Holders Association