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Thank you for your interest in being an Award Leader! Award Leaders are the backbone of our organization. Without positive and dedicated adult volunteers, we wouldn't be able to reach young Canadians in all corners of our country to help them discover their passion, purpose and place in the world.  

To get started on your journey to becoming an Award Leader, please click the link below to fill out the registration form. 
Download our step by step guide to becoming an Award Leader.

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About  being an Award Leader

Your role is to guide and mentor your Participants by supporting them during their Award as they select activities, set achievable SMART goals and offer encouragement along the way.

All Award Leaders (new and existing) need to register for training using the linked form below. (Please register according to the province or territory in which you live).

  • If you are involved with an active Award Unit, Group or Centre, please fill out the registration form and a staff member from your region will be in touch. 

  • If you are currently not involved with an active Award Group, Unit or Centre but have heard about the Award and have a group of young people whom you feel would benefit from the Award, please continue with the registration form and we will be in touch about next steps on delivering the Award.

  • In light of the current global pandemic, we are currently developing  Virtual Award Centres where you will digitally connect and mentor with young people so they can still have the support to continue their Award. If you feel you would like to be a Virtual Award Leader please be sure to click yes on the registration form.  

  • We are currently registering prospective Award Leaders between he ages of 18-30. As a youth Award Leader, you will offer peer to peer mentor-ship to Participants. 
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