Award Projects

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Ottawa Virtual Open Award Centre (OVOAC)

Thanks to the generosity of the Baxter Family Foundation through the Ottawa Community Foundation, the Award will be opening a Virtual Award Centre.  The Centre will be co-lead and co-managed by the Award and the Boys & Girls Club of Ottawa.





Continued Generosity & Support

December 1, 2020 - November 30, 2021
 Through the continued generosity of BMO, Duke of Ed has been able to fund various projects, subsidize registrations and implement new processes.  Thank you for your many years of giving.  







Gogama Goes for Gold 

September, 2018 – August, 2024
Sponsored by IAMGOLD, the intent of this project is to extend the Award into the Gogama region with a focus on assisting Indigenous and marginalized youth to register and succeed in the Award program.  As this project is located in a remote setting, Duke of Ed will be using this project to template its remote access process so that it can be rolled out within other remote locations.



National Outreach Funding – Enhancing Support in the Greater Kingston Area

October, 2018 – September, 2019
With the assistance of volunteers from Queen’s Enrichment Studies Unit at Queen’s University, the youth of the Greater Kingston Area will be afforded an enhanced open Award unit that has increased support throughout their Award activities. This project is sponsored by Duke of Ed National Outreach Funding as well as Duke of Ed Ontario division.


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Socio-Economic Barrier-Free Enhanced Programming

October 2017 – September, 2018
In conjunction with Ontario Trillium Foundation, Trails Youth Initiatives, and Duke of Ed, approximately 30 youth had their registration fee paid as well as subsidies for their adventurous journeys.The youth were taught useful life skills such as stress management, conflict resolution, interviewing and resume writing. 



Connecting Youth Through The Duke of Ed Award - Peel Region

September 2013 – August 2018 
With the Peel Region being heavily populated by new Canadians, the Award has been able to provide an opportunity to engage with other new-to-Canada young people. Thank you RBC Foundation for your funding.



Toronto & Ottawa Youth-At-Risk

Since 2005, with the support of Toronto Dominion Bank, through Duke of Ed National Office, Duke of Ed Ontario has been able to provide registration fee bursaries for youth-at-risk in the Toronto and Ottawa regions.  Without TD’s generosity, many young people would not be able to access the Award.