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The aim of the Service section of your Award is to encourage participants to realize that as members of a community, they have a responsibility to others and that their help is needed. Service is a commitment to the needs of others without pay. We hope that participants will find pleasure and satisfaction in helping others, leading to a lifelong commitment to voluntary community service. This will take the form of practical service to individuals or to the community, such as assisting in homes or in institutions, conserving the environment or helping community groups. Appropriate supervision, briefing and/or training must be given at all stages.

Time Requirements

  • The time requirements for Service, Skills, and Physical Recreation sections are the same. Bronze participants and direct entrants at Silver or Gold level have to devote some extra time to one section of their Award, and they may choose the Service section to do so. Please refer to the overall time requirements chart for further details. The average minimum time to be spent on the Service, Skills, and Physical Recreation sections is one hour per week over the indicated period of time.
Award Level  Minimum Time   If Service is chosen as the longest section 
Bronze                                           13 weeks                                 26 weeks 
Silver  26 weeks  52 weeks (if a direct entrant and have not completed the Bronze Award
Gold  52 weeks  78 weeks (if a direct entrant and have not completed the Silver Award 
  • Each participant should keep a record of the Service on the appropriate pages of their Record Book (or Online Record Book, in Divisions where it is available), showing the times and details of the Service. Participants should indicate an understanding of the need for providing such a Service.

  •  At least three counselling sessions with the assessor should occur during the period of Service, in order to monitor progress, reassess the situation, or discuss any items of mutual concern or interest.

  • If the chosen type of Service requires training or specific qualifications, a young person may use those hours towards the overall completion of that section.

  • The expected average of time spent dedicated to completing the Service section of The Award is one hour a week, but that may be split according to a specific activity. A break for more than four weeks will delay completion of the level.

Instruction and Assessment

Instruction and assessment is to be carried out by appropriately qualified persons approved by the group leader (where appropriate). Wherever possible, for the Gold Award, instruction and assessment should not be carried out by the same person. The training undergone is to be certified by the instructor in the Record Book and, only when this and any further qualification required by the conditions have been fulfilled is the assessor to sign the Record Book. In all cases, participants are encouraged to continue their Service beyond the time required for The Award.