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Remember the three C's of Service: 

No Cash, No Credit, No Chores!

Service is all about giving back to your community, or giving to others and their communities. 

Service offers you the opportunity to engage with society and gain an understanding of the importance of your role within your immediate and global community. It gives you the chance to connect with individuals and groups you may have previously overlooked or not been aware of, and to make a real difference in your wider community.


  • Service must meet a genuine need. Service activity must not be a required vocational or work experience activity. It cannot be volunteering for a for-profit organization or business.

  • For some activities, training may be required. Any required training may be used towards your Service minimum time requirements.

    Please note that completing training alone does not fully meet the requirements for this section.

  • Like all sections of the Award, choosing what or who to volunteer for is a personal choice. You should choose a Service activity that interests you. This could be something entirely new, or something you may already be involved in. You may choose up to three different activities in order to complete the Service section.

  • You may feel comfortable choosing something no one in your peer group is doing, or you may want to choose an activity that you can do with your friends. The important thing is for you to choose something that you are interested in, to challenge yourself and to undertake an activity that makes a real contribution to your community. All Service activities must be unpaid.

  • Although you are encouraged to (particularly for Bronze), you do not have to undertake the same activity for the entire required time. You may choose up to three different activities in-order to complete the Service section.

  • You may do a variety of one time activities, however these activities should be organized under broad categories. For example, a broad category title could be “Service to your community,” under which Participants could log any of the one time activities such as assisting a charity, hospital assistance, working on a cleanup campaign, etc. You will still need an Assessor’s report and it should be written by the community member you interact with the most.


Instruction and assessment is to be carried out by appropriately qualified persons approved by the group leader (where appropriate). Wherever possible, for the Gold Award, instruction and assessment should not be carried out by the same person. The training undergone is to be certified by the instructor in the Record Book and, only when this and any further qualification required by the conditions have been fulfilled is the assessor to sign the Record Book. In all cases, participants are encouraged to continue their Service beyond the time required for The Award.

Note: Speak to your Award Leader for more information. If you do not have an Award Leader, please speak to our Award Support Centre. 

Updated Aug 2021