The Award at School

Why Schools Are Working with the Award



The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award [the Award] operates in nearly 500 schools in Canada.

The Award engages educators and youth around the globe to empower them with invaluable life skills and motivates them to be the best version of themselves to bring positive change to their world.


About the Award

By partnering with schools, The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award BC & Yukon ("the Award") can collectively equip young people for life by providing them with the opportunities and supportive mentorship to explore their passions, abilities, and limits to discover who they are!

With more than 60 years experience equipping young people to be ready for the world. The Award is here to help. It gives 14-24 year old young people access to a global framework that empowers them to learn and grow through non-formal education, all while working towards globally recognized accreditation.

The Award provides opportunities for students to gain school credits and supports BC's redesigned curriculum.

Divided into four key components, the Award is comprised of community service, skill development, physical recreation and an adventurous journey.

Investing in Our Young People, Our Communities and Our Future

Schools worldwide have always strived to offer a broad and balanced curriculum. Increasingly, policy makers and education regulators are recognizing the importance of learning outside the classroom, and the opportunities that can be created to develop the skills, behaviours and attitudes needed for adult life and work. The challenge often lies in deciding how to structure such co-curricular activities and how to celebrate learners’ achievements.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award develops confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged learners by creating opportunities for young people to make decisions, develop skills, get physically active, give service to their local community and experience adventure.

It rewards and celebrates achievement through a simple, globally recognized, certification system.





COVID-19 The Award Supports Students and Extra School Programs - Career, Community outreach, Outdoor Education and more!



As schools prepare to take on the task of developing programs to teach in the classroom and remotely, the Award can help. Some challenges may begin to present themselves in and outside the classroom as the world begins to recover from the effects of COVID-19. Young people will need support to navigate these challenges, adapt to a new ‘normal’ and maintain strong mental and physical health. The Award enables young people to learn to lead and be a leading force in their communities, developing characteristics which will not only help them now, but also in the years to come.

Help them take positive action at a time when the world needs them more than ever.

The Award provides tools and resources to support learning at home

Digital Platform

  • Students can continue pursuing goals, while supporting their overall well-being via our safe online platform
  • Leaders can continue communicate with students, report on their progress and recognize their achievements!

Leader Hub and Training Free online internationally recognized and filled with resources
Virtual adventures for school programs

The Award Impact


Award Leaders – Meet Our Champions!

The Duke of Ed framework fits seamlessly to school programs and curriculum.
Our Award division provides free training to all Award School volunteers and staff. Certified and internationally recognized Award quality training that leads Leaders!




What We Offer Our Award Leaders

  • Professional Development to enhance their teaching portfolios
  • Remote Support and Online Access to certified courses through the Award Leader Community Learning Hub
  • Award at School Program Development and Recruitment Support
  • Access to exclusive Leader resources
  • Access to participant Online Record Book(s)
  • Accessible resources in French

Why Become A Leader?


Become an Award School Today!



How the Award Fits in Schools

  • Award Club for participants
  • Career & Life Education (CLE)
  • Active Living (ACLV)
  • Career and Life Connections (CLC)
  • Outdoor Education (ODED)
  • Spare block activity
  • Extracurricular program
  • Leadership program
  • Place-based education (PBE)
  • Opportunity to earn up to 6 UDE credits
  • Be creative! 
  • Character building
  • Student-led
  • Experiential Learning
  • Project-based Learning
  • Informational Learning
  • Community outreach, Service Learning
  • Improved Physical Fitness
  • Appreciation of the outdoors & nature
  • Increased eligibility for employment
  • Positive peer-to-peer mentoring 

Steps to establishing the Award at School

  1. Identify a champion - this will be your Award Leader and champion at your school
  2. Apply to become an Award Centre
  3. Direct your Award Leader to Register for and complete Award Leader Training
  4. Register participants and get your group or whole grade started!


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