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Lucas speaks of what his Award experience means to him


I enjoyed pushing myself in lots of aspects of life, including fitness, volunteering and academics. It showed me that I am capable of completing a large challenge if I put my mind to it and work hard to achieve it. ... It taught me to persevere through anything, even when things get very difficult. It taught me that the best rewards come after the hardest journey.” 

- Jaden
Bronze & Silver Achiever, Gold Participant​




The Duke of Edinburgh's program let me flourish in developing new skills, meeting new friends and even gaining a new optimistic outlook on life. … Not only did I learn more about kayaking and outdoor skills but also about developing and enhancing important character traits such as persevering, responsibility, self-discipline, leadership, optimism and reliability.

 - Rishali
Bronze Achiever, Silver Participant




 "When I look back on who I was when I started my Duke of Ed, I see how much I have changed and grown as a person. Accepting challenges that have brought me out of my comfort zone built up my confidence, and provided me with an opportunity to try activities I have always dreamed of trying. Suiting up in full fencing gear to train with an Olympic athlete, bowing myself into a Dojang to practice Korean martial arts, exploring two of BC's most beautiful provincial parks, and sharing my experiences at a United Nations youth consultation session in Canada are things I never would have experienced if it wasn't for my goal of completing my Gold Award. I am profoundly grateful to have had this opportunity to develop my skills and experiences, and to make a positive contribution to my community."

Gold Achiever


The Award has helped thousands of young people in British Columbia and the Yukon transform their lives. The results are growth in all areas: confidence, community connection, health and , fitness, life skills, passion, and more. Let’s see how on doing the Duke of Ed impacted one young person. 

In Focus: Jenna, Bronze Achiever

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While earning her Bronze Award, Jenna chose diverse activities to challenge herself: learning she learned jazz flute, volunteereding  at school and church, keeping kept fit through dance, and embarkeding on a sailing expedition. Jenna says of her experience, “It has pushed me out of my comfort zone in so many ways, from my Journey to asking Assessors to help me.” 

I saw growth in myself in every area of Duke of Ed,” Jenna tells us. “I gained a new deeper understanding of the music I was playing in band. … Now I understand the history and importance of everything on the sheet.” 

Through volunteering, she says, she gained a sense of community and connection: “I got to meet so many new people and experience many new opportunities. The people I met have become mentors guiding me to be the person I want to be in the future.” 

Jenna also improved her fitness through dance. The biggest impact, however, came from the part of the Award that sets it apart from other activities: “...The area where I saw the most growth came from my adventurous journey. This, for me, was the most difficult part of Duke of Ed.” She persevered through challenging winds and gained a sense of place: “I gained a new appreciation for the area where I live and for the amazing nature we have in Canada.” 

Overall, Jenna feels better equipped for the world: “The growth and skills that I gained from this experience are things that I will use for the rest of my life.” 

Her message to other young people considering doing the Duke of Ed? “Even though we are young we can make a big difference in our communities. ... Everyone should do this, because it gets you trying so many new things.




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