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Ready to get wild?

The Adventurous Journey is a chance for you to get out into nature and embark on an expedition or study-oriented journey. Adventurous Journey is a process: with a small group, you will plan, prepare, practice and then ultimately complete & report on your Practice and Qualifying Journeys. It is supposed to be challenging. You may feel tired or get rained on, but you will definitely learn more about the environment and yourself, bond as a team, and have an amazing adventure! To learn more about the requirements, process, report how-to, and see an example equipment list, download your Adventurous Journey package here.

All this information is also in your Participant Handbook on pages 19-40




Adventurous Journey Requirements

Each Adventurous Journeys has 3 parts: Preliminary Training, the Practice Journey and the Qualifying Journey.


Preliminary Training helps you gain skills for your Practice and Qualifying Journeys. You can find a complete list of preliminary training requirements inside your Record Book (or Record Log Book).

All Preliminary Training must be completed before the Qualifying Journey. It can be finished in one, or several, sessions.

Participants should seek out a knowledgeable and experienced adult to supervise their training.


The Practice Journey sets the stage for the longer, more challenging Qualifying Journey, and is an opportunity to test out camping equipment and skills, and build endurance.

Participants should travel entirely on their own power through nature. The majority of hours of purposeful effort should be spent journeying (by hiking, biking, kayaking, etc.) No motorized transport (cars, ATVs, motor boats) can be used during the Practice Journey.

Practice Journey
Hours of Purposeful Effort
Bronze    1 day   6 hours per day
Silver    2 days, 1 night   7 hours per day
Gold    2 days, 1 night   8 hours per day



The Qualifying Journey is the main event!

Each participant will complete one of the following three types of Journeys:

During an Expedition, Award participants spend the majority of their hours of purposeful effort each day journeying a significant distance under their own power each day (by hiking, kayaking, biking, snowshoeing, etc.) Remaining hours of purposeful effort should be spent navigating and route finding, and setting up and striking camp.

The entire expedition takes place in nature. Participants must not use any motorized transport. They should sleep in tents, cook their own meals, and carry their own equipment. Each day of the trip should involve journeying on a different route.

For an Exploration, Award participants choose a topic about the natural environment which they wish to study. Participants conduct pre-trip research, and spend one third of required hours of purposeful effort each day studying their topic. One third of required hours each day should still be spent on journeying on your own power.

The entire expedition takes place in nature. Participants must not use any motorized transport. Participants should sleep in tents, cook their own meals, and carry their own equipment. Each day of the trip should involve journeying on a different route.

Adventurous Project
Over 18, and looking for an extra challenge? The Project might be for you! Past examples of Adventurous Projects including hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro, biking across Canada, and circumnavigating Canada’s west coast by sailboat.

All Adventurous Projects require pre-approval from the Division Office.

The following should NOT be part of any Adventurous Journey:

  • Travel by motorized transport (cars, buses, ATVs, power boats, etc.)
  • Staying in hotels or hotel-like cabins
  • Journeying through urban environments, or visiting attractions (like museums, art galleries, etc).
  • Spending the majority of time on leisure activities
  • Shopping for food

Aren’t sure if a trip you’re planning will qualify? Please contact us. We are here to help!



Adventurous Journey Report

Aside from setting up and completing your Adventurous Journey in the Online Record Book, you must also prepare and upload an Adventurous Journey Report.

Your Adventurous Journey Report does not have to be formal; it is simply your way of telling us what you did on the trip, how you prepared for it, and what kind of experiences you had. This is not a school test or assignment, we are not marking for grammar, and there is no way you can fail! As long as it includes the information ​required, it can ​on our template, a slideshow, Prezi, video, blog, photobook, audio recording… the sky is the limit! Just talk to us and tell us about your adventures - we are genuinely interested!

All the Journey Report requirements are on page 26 of your Participant Handbook. Or, download our Journey Report How-to Guide

For ​those who would like extra structure in writing the report, the Journey Report How-to Guide also has a template you can use to make notes while on your Journey, or fill and upload as your Journey Report. 

Remember, if you are completing an Exploration, your report will include a summary of your pre-trip research and your findings from your trip.



Ready to plan your trip?

Award participants should take an active role in planning their Adventurous Journey. Trips can be completed with family or friends, through school groups, or Cadet, Guide or Scout groups. You can find great resources at BCParks and the Yukon Parks Branch.

The following adventure-based companies also offer trips which may be counted towards your Adventurous Journey. The Award office does not accept any liability for your participation with any of these trips.

It is each participant’s responsibility to ensure that their trip meets the Journey requirements.

Please read your Record Book (or Participant Handbook) carefully. If you aren’t sure if a trip will meet the Award requirements, please contact us!. We are here to help!


Adventure-based Companies

Camp Summit (Squamish, BC) 
Contact: Aaron Ratko @ 604 898 3700 or email
Qualifies for: Bronze, Silver or Gold (depending on nature and length of trip) 

Camp Summit Summer Camp & Outdoor Education Centre offers inclusive and affirmative environments for outdoor education and experiential learning. Our Adventure Challenge Program is a 2 week program at summer camp that includes a 3-4 day hiking trip to help you meet the needs for your Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey. We combine adventurous spirit, purposeful program delivery and thoughtful play to create custom programs, including winter travel; hiking trips all over the Sea to Sky corridor, on the Howe Sound Crest Trail, the Sunshine Coast Trail and the Juan de Fuca trail; and paddling trips on the Powell Lakes Canoe Route and the Bowron Lakes Canoe Route.

Canadian Outback Rafting (Squamish)
Babine River Rafting Expedition qualifies for: Bronze, Silver or Gold
Contact: 1-866-565-8735 or

Spanning over 6 days, the Babine River Rafting Expedition will take you deep into the wilderness of Northern British Columbia with extraordinary wildlife sightings including grizzly bears, eagles, salmon and more, surrounded by breathtaking views of Coast Mountain Range. You will experience the thrill of class IV white-water rafting, encounter wildlife in the most natural setting, and rejuvenate yourself in a sacred headwaters river integral to the area’s native heritage.

Coast Mountain Academy (CMA) and Leadership Ecology Adventure Program (LEAP)  (Powell River)
Qualifies for: Bronze, Silver or Gold depending on the nature and length of the trip
Contact: Ryan Barfoot at or (604) 414-4734

CMA focuses on character development through Leadership, Citizenship & Adventure. The full semester (from February to June) offers students a unique experience to obtain an array of skills, certifications, and immediate employment opportunities.

LEAP is BCs most celebrated Applied Leadership Experience providing participants from around the world with an action-centered training. The high-energy, 9 day intensive program is focused around a participant-lead wilderness journey.

Fireside Adventures (Lower mainland)
Qualifies for: Bronze, Silver or Gold (depending on nature and length of trip)
Contact: Jeff Willis at or 604-241-9169 or 604.762.7163

Fireside Adventures strives to bring meaningful leadership and outdoor skills to all youth and encourages thoughtful discussion and positive self-reflection through community and expedition based learning.

Our camps are specialized leadership camps for 13 to 17 year-olds wanting to confront challenges, develop independence and foster their outdoor leadership potential. Despite the challenges that can be found in every teen’s life, at school, in peer relationships, in their community and at home, there are opportunities for positive shifts, connections, and experiences. Fireside Adventures is a proud service provider for the BC/Yukon Duke of Edinburgh International Award. Please click to learn more

Gaia Wild Adventures (Salt Spring Island)
Qualifies for: Bronze, Silver or Gold (depending on nature and length of trip)
Contact: Ben Desrosiers at or 250-888-8197

Earn your Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey with Gaia Wild Adventures! Hiking and canoeing expeditions set the stage for our multi-day and week-long adventure programs on the west coast of Vancouver Island. With an inquisitive, hands-on approach, students will be testing the limits of nature and learning how it connects us to the past, present and future of our world. Two weeks prior to each adventure we spend two full days with the students to help them meet their goals and plan and prepare for their upcoming journey.

Outdoor Explore
Qualifies for: Bronze, Silver or Gold (depending on nature and length of trip)
Contact: 604-355-6678 or

Outdoor Explore is a leader in wilderness adventures in the Sea to Sky Corridor. From Vancouver to Pemberton and beyond, we are here to provide exciting and educational wilderness experiences. Outdoor Explore is proud to offer Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey programs. We will work with your group to design a multi-day hiking/camping experience that meets D of E requirements, while also providing youth with valuable skills such as wilderness safety, campcraft, leadership and navigation. See you in the hills!

Outward Bound (Vancouver Island/Lower Mainland) 
Qualifies for: Bronze, Silver or Gold depending on nature and length of trip.
Contact: Outward Bound Canada at 1-888​-688-9273 ext 209 or

Challenge yourself on the adventure of a lifetime with Outward Bound Canada! This summer, take a step into self-discovery and explore some of the country’s most eye-catching landscapes while gaining leadership skills and confidence, making friends and creating memories that will last a lifetime (with the photos to prove it)!  Explore the astounding natural beauty around Vancouver Island, as you camp, hike, canoe, or sea kayak through its vibrant and varying landscapes. Courses range from 5 – 21 days for participants age 14+.

Ridge Wilderness Adventures (Lower Mainland) 
Qualifies for: Bronze, Silver, or Gold (depending on nature and length of the trip)
Contact: April Huber at 604-477-4663 or

Ridge Wilderness Adventures is passionate about assisting participants with their Adventurous Journeys by hosting canoe adventures. A big part of what we do at Ridge Wilderness Adventures is get people outside and empowered to achieve their personal goals. We offer adventures for all three levels of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, as well as practice day-long and overnight trips. Ridge Wilderness Adventures trips take place across BC, which includes the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.  We also offer Yukon River Expeditions for Gold participants looking for a more challenging adventure and a trip of a lifetime!

Strathcona Park Lodge & Outdoor Education Centre (Campbell River)
Qualifies for: Bronze, Silver or Gold depending on nature and length of trip
Contact: Strathcona Park Lodge at 250-286-3122 or ​

Strathcona Park Lodge & Outdoor Education Centre offers a variety of trips to help you achieve the Adventurous Journey component of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Our school and WYLD summer programs can qualify for the Bronze or Silver level and our custom Gold Adventurous Journey provides an opportunity to achieve both the practice journey and expedition.