Award Leader ORB Support

Thank you for all you do to ensure that young people have the access and support they need to succeed! 

To support you in transitioning to, and using, the Online Record Book we have compiled the resources below. Most of these will have been distributed through the ORB Leader Training. All information below has been designed to help you based on the results of our ORB pilot carried out with almost a dozen Award Groups in BC since September 2018.  

Existing Award Leaders 

Thank you for making the journey with us to the new ORB!  

All existing Award Leaders must take the Division led ORB training in order to continue as Award Leaders under the new Online Record Book. We are hosting trainings across the mainland, in Victoria, and via webinar. If you have not yet registered to attend one of these trainings, please do so:

  • Click here for in person training in Victoria
  • Click here for in person training ​on the Lower Mainland
  • Click here for ​webinar training for Award Leaders outside of Victoria and the Lower Mainland, ​that cannot travel to an in person session.

Old Vs. New System Comparison  To help you transition we have created a quick reference comparison chart that details how your roles and responsibilities have shifted between the old Record Book system and the new ORB based system. 

All Award Leaders ​- New and Existing 

Below are the resources we have created in consultation with Leaders through the ORB pilot. We hope they help you embrace this amazing new platform that will make your work as Award Leader easier than ever.   

ORB FAQ & Intro for Award Leaders This is a quick reference of the most frequently asked ORB questions by Award Leaders 

ORB Leader Manual We provide a bound copy of this manual during the ORB Leader Training sessions. Using screenshot and step by step instructions, this manual guides Leaders through all aspects of the ORB. 

Registration Handout for Participants Download, fill in, and distribute this handy handout for your Participants to help them register easily into the right Award Group in ORB.  

ORB Troubleshooting Cheat Sheet Keep this document on hand to deal with issues as they arise. 

Common Leader Challenges & How to Avoid Them  This handy chart highlights the common challenges Leaders face and quick solutions to save time and energy.