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Registering for The Award

Welcome to The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Canada! Registering is the first step towards earning your Award.

For an overview of the Award requirements, please have a look at the
At A Glance Guide to Completing your Duke of Ed Award




Each young person doing the program needs to be registered in one of two ways:
Download a Registration Form or Register Online - (CLICK HERE for our Online Registration guide​)

How it works:

When you submit your registration to our office (online or form with payment) we will process your registration within a week of receipt and email you a digital copy of the Participant Handbook as  digital resource (which you can download to your computer or cell phone) and the Record Log for the level of the Award you registered for (which you will print and fill in to record your Award activities.) We are Going Green which means we will no longer be mailing hard copies to Participants. This ensures you get your Award resources right away and can start your Award without waiting for mailing. It also means you never lose your Handbook!​

There is a $​50 Registration Fee for each level of the program. Activities completed before registration cannot be counted towards an Award. Registrations cannot be backdated.

Registration Fee Sponsorships are available, please click for more information.





Groups and Independents

The Award can be completed in two ways: as a member of an Award Unit, or as an Independent.

​Award Units are generally associated with larger youth organizations, such as schools, community centres, Guides, Scouts or Cadets. In this case an Award Leader will usually help coordinate registration, activities and support group members as they work towards their Award.

Independents work towards their Award on their own or with friends. There is no leader, but ​Participants will still work with Assessors for each section. Around one quarter of ​Participants do the program independently. 

Age Requirements


* If group members turn 14 between Sept 1 and Dec 31, they can start with their group at the beginning of the school year. However, they still need to be 14.5 to complete Bronze.

Participants can start at any level as long as they meet the minimum age requirement. Starting at Silver or Gold is known as Direct Entry.

All activities must be completed by the Participant's 25th birthday.​

Additional Resources:

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