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On this page you will find resources to help you in completing your Duke of Edinburgh's Award. If you have questions, please contact the Division office by phone or email at any time. We are here to help!


Scroll down for the following sections:

  • Who are Assessors?
  • Record Keeping - Service, Skill & Physical Recreation
  • Qualifying Activities - Service
  • Qualifying Activities - Skill
  • Qualifying Activities - Physical Recreation
  • The Gold Project
  • Record Book Supplement

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Who are Assessors?

For each ​component of the ​Award, you will collect Assessor signatures to show you have completed the activities.

It is important to note that there are two types of Assessors:

  1. Those who sign your weekly log. They sign as witness to the activity being done that week, and need to be over 18 years old.
  2. Those ​who fill out the Assessor ​Report of each component. This person ​can be instructing, coaching or supervising you during your activities. If you are doing activities independently, find an Assessor who you can check in with periodically over the duration of your Award, so they can speak to your overall development in that component. This person should be qualified to assess your progress and effort, and be over 18 years old.

Ideally, you will have a different Assessor for each section. Parents should not act as Assessors unless they are instructing or there is no other option available.

Example Activity
Example Assessor
Piano lessons
Piano Instructor
Basketball team
Basketball coach
Family friend who has been knitting for 15 years
Going to the Gym
Trainer or Front Desk Attendant 


Record Keeping - Service, Skill & Physical Recreation

Please visit the Time Management page for an explanation of the timescales for each section and the frequency of activities. You can also find more details and an example of a completed Record Book in the Record Book Supplement.

Please note that many Record Books have an error in that the number of weeks does not match the number of months, i.e. 3 months is actually 13 weeks and not 12. Please add entries as needed.

3 months is 13 weeks 
 12 months is 52 weeks
6 months is 26 weeks 
 18 months is 78 weeks




Service - Give Back

Service is about giving back to your community and having a positive impact on the lives of others, but also about gaining valuable life skills that will make you more employable. Think about what skills or tools you would like to learn and strategically choose your service location and experience to gain ​readiness for your future. You can choose to volunteer with one organization throughout your Award level, or choose different service opportunities to fulfill this ​component.

What Doesn't Count:
Paid activities
Internships (unpaid work for a for profit company)
​Helping relatives
Regular Scout/Guide/Cadet meetings
Find inspiration, qualifying activities, and some great volunteer postings through our Service Opportunities page.


Skill - Find Your Genius

The Skill component of the Award asks Participants to develop a personal interest or hobby and demonstrate regular commitment and progress. Use your Skill to master something you’re already doing, or take the leap and try something completely new. Only one skill can be chosen for the duration of the level. Switching skills can happen under extenuating circumstances and must be approved by an Award Officer.

Ask yourself:
What have I always wanted to try?
What do I love to do and want to improve?
What would I like to learn or gain experience in for a potential career?

What Doesn't Count:

Physical activities (e.g. dance, martial arts, sports)
School classes for which credit is earned (e.g. art class, band, cooking class)

Stuck on your Skill choice? Visit our Skills Examples and Ideas page for more ideas.


Physical Recreation - Break A Sweat


What gets your body moving and your blood pumping?
You can count anything from formal organized sports to walking on your own in nature. Try something different each week! Play ultimate Frisbee, try stand up paddle boarding, or take a fitness class at your local recreation center. You can choose t​one team sport or type of physical activity throughout your Award level, or try them all and choose a different ​one each week.

What ​Doesn't Count:
Physical Education (PE) class

 Visit our Physical Recreation Examples and Ideas page for more ideas.

The Gold Project

The Gold Project is required for Gold but can be completed at any point in the Award process as long as you are at least 16 years old when completing the project. It entails 5 days and 4 nights immersed in a new environment, working with new people.

The 5 days may be split over 2 or 3 sessions within a 12 month period where necessary, as long as the activity remains consistent. Check with the Division Office if you are unsure.

Example Activities:
Encounters with Canada
Cultural exchanges
Academic exchanges
Scout or Guide Jamborees
Language immersions
Forum for Young Canadians
Leadership conferences
Overseas projects
Cadet camps
Outward Bound courses

What Doesn't Count:
Vacations and Tours


Be sure to download our Record Book Supplement.

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