It's easy to support us!

There are three easy ways to donate to support The Award program in BC and Yukon. A charitable tax receipt will be issued for every donation.

1) Donate directly to the BC & Yukon Division through our donation page.

2) Send a cheque made out to The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award to 4086 Shelbourne St, Victoria BC V8N 4P6

3) Call us and provide a credit card donation over the phone at 1-888-881-7788

If you would like to become a Major Donor or make a corporate donation please contact Executive Director Sushil Saini at or 250-385-4232. 

​Our goal is that every young person in BC and Yukon has the opportunity to participate in The Award. Unfortunately, thousands of young people cannot participate because of the registrations costs, or simply because they do not know it exists. It may be hard to believe that the $30 per level registration fee is a barrier for some families, but it is. The actual cost for the BC & Yukon Division to deliver to Award program is approximately $300 per participant per Award level.

"In a world with many choices and paths, I think this Award is great for young adults because it promotes knowledge, skills, friendship, lifelong memories and a sense of accomplishment." 
 - CY. Gold Achiever 

As a registered charity we raise funds for all aspects of the program: printing materials, outreach and support, public education, pins, certificates and even Award ceremonies. We also raise funds for our successful special outreach programs to engage at-risk, lower income, developmentally challenged, rural, new immigrant, and Aboriginal youth. It is a measure of our success that demand for these programs always exceeds available funding.

"This Award program gave me the confidence to see myself as a leader."
  - TM Gold Achiever

We receive no financial support from the Royal Family. Instead,we rely on the generosity of corporate donors, foundations, service organizations, individuals, and some funding from the BC government. As a registered charity we provide all donors with a charitable tax receipt.

"I am now involved in new activities and the things I have learned and experienced have become a part of my day to day life. The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is more than an Award, it is also a lifestyle."
- BD, Silver Achiever 

From humble beginnings in 1956 with just 20 participants, the Award has grown to over 8 million participants in over 143 countries because it works and because donors recognize that it works.

You can read about the phenomenal impacts that The Award has on youth in Make A Difference.

"Dust may collect on our certificates and pins, but it is the values that this program instills on our youth that are the greatest reward. It is these values that will give us the courage to act when no one is watching, the will to persevere when times are tough, to be successful in our professional careers and to pass on the values that we have learned through completing this program to our kids."
-FK, Gold Achiever