Submit your Award

Once all of the requirements for an Award level have been completed, the Submission is sent to the Division Office.

This package will include:
  • The Record Book
  • Submission form
  • Adventurous Journey report
  • Payment for the next level (if continuing) along with Registering for the Next Level Form
Mail your completed submission to:

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award
4086 Shelbourne St
Victoria, BC
V8N 4P6

Submission Forms

These are fillable forms. You can download and print to fill by hand, or download to fill on your computer.

Bronze Submission Form | Silver Submission Form | Gold Submission Form

Click here for an example filled Submission Form

If you did your Award under the old standards, please don't worry about filling in your Major.

Registering for the Next Level

If you are planning to go on to the next level of the Award, you must submit the Next Level Form with a $​50 registration fee (or permission to invoice your school or group for the fee). 

If you’d like to pay the fee online, you can do so by filling out an online registration form! Please make sure to state that you are a Continuing Participant and not  a Direct Entry Participant.

We will email you a digital copy of your new next level Record Log Book with your approval package. Once you receiver it, print it off and track of all your amazing activities right away! If your Award was completed under the old white Record Book then we will also email you a digital copy of the new green Participant Handbook.

Please keep in mind that your next level Start Date will be written in your new Record Book Logs. This will be determined by your Award Officer.  

Adventurous Journey Report

If you are unsure what to include in your report, please have a look at our online guide.

The most common items missing are:
Route map
: A map that you have personally marked (electronically or by hand) highlighting the route you traveled under your own power (not motorized transport) including distances and campsites.
First-aid and safety equipment list
: Include the contents of the first-aid kit.

Old Standards Check-lists

If you are doing your Award under the old standards (i.e. you have all three Award levels in your Record Book) you can use these check-lists to help ensure your application is complete:

Bronze Check-list
Direct Entry Gold Check-list

School Credit

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award can be counted for school credit:
School Credits
2 grade 10 credits
UDE 10
2 grade 11 credits
UDE 11
2 grade 12 credits
UDE 12
To receive your credits take your approval letter or certificate to your school administration.

Change of Group

If a participant changes groups, joins a group or becomes an independent after registering, he/she can simply update this information on their submission form when they send in their completed level and add a note of the change.

Approval Process

Applications are reviewed by the Division Office. If there are minor problems with the application, we will contact the participant by phone or email to correct the mistake. Submissions with major problems will returned with a letter detailing the areas requiring attention. Awards can be resubmitted once corrections have been made.

Approvals for Bronze and Silver typically take around 4-6 weeks. Gold approvals take 6-8 weeks as they must be approved at the Division and National level. During busy periods, such as the beginning and end of the school year, approvals may take longer.

Awards and Ceremonies

At each level, participants are given a pin and certificate to honour their achievement. Pins are generally sent to the group leader (except Gold) or directly to the Achiever if he/she is an Independent.

Certificates are generally presented at Award Ceremonies, but Achievers can indicate on their submission form if they would prefer it be mailed to them or their group leader.

At the Bronze level, Achievers can attend a Division organized ceremony or they may attend a ceremony within their group.

At the Silver level, certificates are presented by the Provincial Lieutenant Governor or the Territorial Commissioner. These ceremonies are organized by the Division Office and generally take place a few times each year.

At the Gold level, certificates are presented by either the Governor General of Canada or a member of the Royal Family. These ceremonies are organized by the National and Division Offices and generally occur every 18 months.

Achievers will be notified of upcoming ceremonies by email through Eventbrite, so please ensure the email provide is one that is checked often.

Participants who would like to attend a ceremony in another province or country should contact the Division Office to request a transfer. Please note that Achievers can only be on one Division's waitlist at a time.