Welcome to the Divisional portal of the website. Within this section you'll find the resources at the local level to help you complete your Award journey. Your Division is the Province or Territory in which you currently live and are completing your Award.

Welcome to the BC & Yukon Division

If you have decided to take the Award challenge, congratulations! We are your Division and will be your first point of contact. As your Division, we are here to guide and support you while on the road to completing the Award.

To help you get started, participants can learn how to Start, Do, and Get their their award under the Participants tab above. Download and read our Electronic Information Package, which introduces you to the Award in BC & the Yukon.  Leaders can find the info they require under the Leaders tab.

Parents: How can you best support your youth through their Award experience? Click here to find out!

If you cannot find the info you require, please contact our office. We are here to help!  There is no question too big or too small.   


The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a youth development program whose goal is to challenge, empower, and recognize young people between the ages of 14 and 24.The Award in Canada has inspired young Canadians from coast to coast to coast to challenge themselves to achieve personal goals and take control of their lives and futures. Not all learning happens in the classroom and the Award experience nurtures the potential of one of our country’s greatest natural resources - our youth. Find out more about The Award and its phenomenal impacts for youth and your community.


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Important Updates!

We’ve launched a new type of Record Book across the country! CLICK HERE to find out all about it and how to use it.

Things Participants need to know:

  1. Start The Award - Requirements and registration information to Start Your Journey!
  2. Do The Award - Everything you need to know about how to do your Award from picking assessors to planning your Adventurous Journey, and everything in between!
  3. Get The Award - Ready to submit? Make sure to visit this page for submission requirements, forms and process!
  4. Record Book Supplement - Your ultimate guide to your record book and your Award experience!
  5. Cadets, Guides & Scouts! Did you know that your activities count for the Duke of Ed?
  6. Are you feeling overwhelmed by your Award? Don’t worry, you got this! Click here for 10 tips to help you move through your Duke of Ed! 
  7. We also have a monthly live Paperwork Hacks webinar with Q&A. Join us to connect, learn, and ask questions. To register, email Taylor at toriecuia@dukeofed.org



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Past Events



Join us at P2B Bistro & Bar at the Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel in downtown Vancouver for delicious food, drink, and good conversation!

The BC & Yukon Division is hosting a small networking Meet & Greet for graduated Alumni who are interested in meeting and connecting with fellow Alumni. Duke of Ed has a long history of producing fantastic leaders in a variety of industries; this event is a great opportunity to meet other exceptional professionals from the Lower Mainland and discuss a variety of leadership topics that connect us through the Duke of Ed program.  




Tuesday, February 2
6-8:30 p.m. 
University of Victoria- David Strong Building - Room 112
Victoria, BC

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award BC & Yukon Division is thrilled to partner with the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria to offer an exclusive recruitment event for Award Alumni and participants. If you are considering post-secondary options and want to put your Award achievement to use, this is the event for you! The evening will include an information session followed by opportunities for you to introduce yourself and speak with Peter B. Gustavson recruitment officers, as well as alumni and other representatives from Co-op and exchange.

The Peter B. Gustavson School of Business is a leader in inspired business education, and they recognize that achievement of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award is the gold standard of excellence for talent, leadership, and resiliency. They offer international, integrative, and innovative learning. Check out their programs, including the one-of-a-kind Global MGB program, here.



On November 13, 2015, the inaugural AlumniConnect 2015 event was held in downtown Vancouver at the Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel. 30 employer organizations including top corporations, government, non-profit, and post-secondary institutions hosted exhibitor booths in an effort to meet and attract the top talent represented by Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Alumni.

“Achievement of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award lets employers know that a candidate can balance a busy well rounded healthy lifestyle while successfully achieving tough goals. It is a marker of the kind of talent employers need to stay competitive,” says Jim Kershaw Senior Vice-President, Pacific Region Head for TD Wealth and National President of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Canada.

And by all reports, the recruiters of attending AlumniConnect agree. Shawn Olsen of Freedom 55 Financial said, “We wanted to have a presence here because of the type of people The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award attracts.” Janice Nelson of Transcontinental Printing added that “it’s the perfect target and demographic in terms of age and leadership experience.” Rimple Sumer of Home Depot Canada explained that she was recruiting at AlumniConnect because the company was looking for passionate people: “I can teach you a skill, but not a will. We love people with passion.”

In a post-event survey 91% of exhibitors said they met potential candidates for their organization and plan to follow up with them directly.

The vision behind AlumniConnect was to create a career networking event for Alumni that would help them transition into their next step, be it post-secondary education or a career. TD, a long-time corporate donor to the Award program in Canada, were lead sponsors of the event.

“For those of us who interact with Award Achievers regularly, we know just what an exceptional and inspiring talent pool they represent. They truly are the leaders of today and tomorrow,” says Sushil Saini, Executive Director of the BC & Yukon Division that organized the event, “providing a platform where that potential can network with the opportunities offered by recruiters of top organizations is a natural next step in our service to our Alumni.”

Over 130 Alumni attended the networking event and evening reception that followed. “The day has been great,” says alumnus Lee Taylor, “the venue is wonderful and the [exhibitors] are really excited to see us.” Alumnus Ariel Winkelmeyer added that “I’ve already met a variety of Alumni I didn’t know….as well, I am understanding which companies value the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.”

“I’ve been talking to my colleagues that have been here since the beginning of the event,” says Kershaw summarizing TD’s experience at the event they sponsored, “they’re very impressed by the quality of the individuals coming through…it’s one of their first times to have intense interaction with Award Achievers and what they’ve been saying to me is: ‘it’s a very impressive group.'"

Moving forward, the BC & Yukon Division will be working directly with organizations from AlumniConnect who have requested opportunities to do exclusive networking events with Award Alumni. As Saini explains, “we have worked hard in Canada to make the Award a zero barrier program for all youth. It is a pleasure to expand the opportunities offered by the Award to the all-important transition stage from student to young professional.”

Check out a recap of AlumniConnect 2015 on YouTube







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This gift wrapped registration includes:

  • A Record Book (Bronze, Silver or Gold) for the youth (age 14-24) to log their activities.
  • A Resource Guide to support them through the Award experience.
  • A Record Book Supplement. Our comprehensive guide to doing the Award, from choosing and logging activities to Adventurous Journey reports.
  • Two swank Duke of Ed pins.
  • A note from the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Executive Director.

To register a youth with this special offer, please call Nikki in the office at 1-888-881-7788 ext. 3 and she will be happy to process the registration and answer your questions.

When you call, please ensure you have the youth’s birth date, address, contact (including email) and a credit card. If you would prefer not to pay by credit card, please call to discuss other options.

  • Registration is only $30.00 per level.
  • More information about the Award can be found here.


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Meet the BC & Yukon Division Team


4086 Shelbourne Street
Victoria, BC  V8N 4P6



Victoria 250-385-4232
Vancouver 604-682-5543
Toll Free  1-888-881-7788
Fax 250-385-1433

Charitable Registration Number: 12590 6545 RR0001

Click here for a printable list of contacts and social media links!

Meet our Board of Directors

See who we are! BC & Yukon Division Team photos & biographies

Division Office Team:

Sushil Saini
Executive Director

Lindsay Brookes
Manager of Philanthropy

Nikki Tellem
Division Administrator & Cadet Liaison

Brianna Wright
Bronze Award Officer & Registrations Liaison

Taylor Oriecuia
Silver & Gold Award Officer & Leader Liaison

Division Field Officers:
The following Field Officers may be able to assist you with any questions you have or, if you are an Award leader, you can contact them to set up a presentation. 

Craig McCulloch
Lower Mainland Field Officer & Alumni Liaison


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Thank you to our donors for The Duke of Ed’s Leaders of Tomorrow Campaign!


Investing in the youth of today and the leaders of tomorrow through The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award - BC & Yukon Division.

GOAL: $30,000
Launch October 27, 2017
Fundraising progress: $14,190 (as of February 7, 2018)


All proceeds raised will go towards supporting the current 12,000+ youth and reaching out to hundreds of more youth in BC & Yukon. Together we can support the leadership development of our leaders of tomorrow. 

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (The Award) is the most prestigious youth award in the world and it is the only youth program of its kind. The Award provides youth with a structured program that they can tailor to their own passions and interests, develop leadership s kills, self - esteem, and evolve into the best versions of themselves as they transition into adulthood.

The program has three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold, and is open to any person between the ages of 14 and 24. Participants complete the Award by achieving personally established goals in the areas of Skill Development , Community Service, Physical Recreation, and Adventurous Journey s in nature.   

There are over 12,000 youth in BC and Yukon participating in The Award program but hundreds of thousands of youth in the province are not able to access The Award or its benefits because our Division currently lacks the resources to reach, engage, and support them. The BC & Yukon Division of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award requires the support of the philanthropic community to bring the Award program to all youth in the region as funding consists of grants, individual and corporate donations as there is no monetary support from the monarchy.

Please donate today by clicking “DONATE NOW” below.



Thank you so much to our following donors for The Duke of Ed’s Leaders of Tomorrow Campaign!



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Special thank you to our following Grant Supporters!


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The concept of the Award is one of individual challenge. It offers young people a balanced, non-competitive program of voluntary activities which encourages personal discovery and growth, self-reliance,  perseverance, and responsibility. It equips them with life skills to make a difference to themselves, their communities, and to the world.

The Award operates in all ten provinces and three territories of Canada. Each area of the country is organized into regional divisions. On the local level our regional divisions receive support from many small  businesses, legions, service clubs and individuals, who are looking for a way to give back to the community. Offering support on the local level is very rewarding. You see first-hand how your support is giving local  youth the opportunity to challenge themselves and live the achievement of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Being a supporter at the Local or National level your donation provides Canadian youth the opportunity to face new experiences, develop confidence and create healthy and active individuals through their participation in the Award Program.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can support the Award Program, please contact the BC & Yukon Office at bcyk@dukeofed.org or 250-385-4232.

If you would like more information on becoming a National sponsor please contact the National Office or email info@dukeofed.org


Supporter News


Thank you David Spence and Donna Otto 

On November 19th 2016 Mr. David Spence and Ms. Donna Otto, of Brentwood Bay, BC gifted the BC & Yukon Division with a donation of $5,000 in a presentation at Government House in Victoria. This is in addition to their previous donation of $15,000 to support the engagement of youth in BC and Yukon in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program. Thank you David and Donna for your generosity and investment in youth!                  


L-R:  JA Pankiw-Petty, Donna Otto, David Spence



A heartfelt thank you to Westwood Printing & Signs for their enduring support with our ceremony and stationary needs!



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Become a volunteer Group Leader for the Award!

Thank you for considering becoming an Award Unit Leader.

On this page you will find information pertaining to:

  • Who are Award Leaders?
  • What is the role of an Award Leader?
  • Leader involvement.
  • What’s the benefit of becoming an Award Leader?
  • Liability.
  • Ready to become an Award Leader? 
  • We're Here For You!
  • Leader Resources.
  • Promotional Videos and Materials.

Who are Award Leaders?

A leader is a person who works or volunteers with youth as part of a larger organization, such as a school, Scouts, Guides, Cadets, or community organization. Leaders should have the opportunity to meet regularly with participants and be available to support the youth as they work towards their Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. All Award Leaders can access registration, training and resource materials with their Division Office.

The Award Leader’s aim is to help young people within their group to earn their Award and be recognized for their achievement. Leaders can be a great help in coordinating the Adventurous Journey, but do not have to as part of their leadership.

What is the role of an Award Leader?

An Award Leader’s role within their group encompasses the following areas:

  1. Registering participants and helping them get started in the Program;
  2. Mentoring and supporting participants as they work to complete their Award levels
  3. Assessing or reviewing Award submissions.
  4. Abiding by all policies set out by The Duke of Edinburgh’ International Award, including but not limited to: the National Abuse Policy, National Risk Management Policy and National Branding policy, and the Award Standards.

Leader involvement includes:

  • Participating in Award Leader Training led by the BC & Yukon Division staff. 
  • Celebrating achievements of youth by attending Ceremonies.
  • Helping participants organize activities that count towards Award levels.
  • Communicating with the Award Office as needed.
  • Instructing youth on how enter events in the activity log correctly (either in the record book or online).
  • Sharing success stories and news about your group and participants with your divisional office.
  • Presenting achievement pins and in some in cases Bronze certificates.
  • Reading the biweekly bulletin.



What’s the benefit of becoming an Award Leader?

Good question! Besides engaging with youth and aiding in their development of new skills, self-confidence, and a greater appreciation of the environment and community around them; you are building up your own skill set and resume with internationally recognized experience. 


Leaders and the organizations they represent are responsible for ensuring all criminal record checks and vulnerable sector screenings are up to date and that appropriate insurance is in place for any activities that the group undertakes. Organizations without these elements in place cannot run an Award Group Unit. However, youth in any organization can still participate in the Award as an Independent Participant.

Ready to become an Award Leader?

  • Complete and submit a New Award Unit Registration Form to the Division Office. After registering, we will send you a Leader Information Package with additional resources and a sample Record Book.
  • Download and read our Award Information Package, which introduces you to the Award in BC & the Yukon.This is a great document to share with Administrators, parents, and others in your organization.
  • Our Leader Toolkit contains a more in-depth look at the responsibilities of a Leader, as well as the resources available to you so that you feel supported and confident in delivering the Award to your youth. This is also a great document to share with other members of your organization to help them understand what The Award is.



We're Here For You!

1. Training - You can find out when our next training webinar is and register by emailing Taylor at toriecuia@dukeofed.org Can't make our live Leader Training and Q&A webinar? You can watch a recording at your convenience.

2. We have a biweekly e-bulletin to update Leaders on important developments and opportunities for the Award in the BC & Yukon Division, upcoming ceremonies, training webinars and new resources. After registering as a Leader you will be added to the mailing list. 

3. On our website you can find many resources available to aid youth as they Start The AwardDo The Award and Get The Award.

Have questions? We are here to help, and no question is too big or small! You can call or email our Leader Liaison, Taylor Oriecuia. We also have Field Officers who are available to come and do a presentation or workshop with your youth, attend a community event or generally provide support.

Leader Resources:

Important Update!

We’ve launched a new type of Record Book across the country! CLICK HERE to find out all about it.


/_uploads/bc/images/TN-Leadertoolkit.jpg  The Leader Toolkit is a reference guide to Program information, resources, promotion information and forms.

Many Leaders find the Record Book Supplement an excellent one stop shop for orienting their participants to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Record Book.


Promotional Videos:

Duke of Edinburgh's Award PSANot All Learning Happens in the ClassroomWhat is The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award? | Make a Difference

Promotional Materials:

Participant BrochureTop 10 Reasons | The Award Impacts

Resource Materials:

Award At A Glance | Planning an Adventurous Journey | Award Participant Registration Form | Bronze Submission Form | Silver Submission Form | Gold Submission Form | Award Unit Update Form

Participant Web Pages:

Start The Award | Do The Award | Adventurous Journey Page | Get The Award


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Career Opportunities

There are no career opportunities open at this time.


Award Group Leaders

Interested in volunteering as an Award Group Leader? Please follow this link.


Division Office Volunteer

We are currently looking for enthusiastic Volunteer Office Assistants to perform a variety of administrative and office support tasks. Please click here for the full job description and how to apply.


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Stay connected! Click to signup for and view our newsletters.

Award Ceremonies! Upcoming, FAQ's and photos.


We are excited to share with you that we have teamed up with our local hockey team, the Victoria Royals, on Friday Feb 2nd at 7:05pm! Proceeds from the Chuck-A-Puck activity sales will go towards youth leadership for Duke of Ed Participants in BC & Yukon. Click to view our event poster and volunteer-sign up sheet here!

To sign-up to volunteer or to buy tickets, please email Lindsay Brookes, Manager of Philanthropy at lbrookes@dukeofed.org



Do you live on the Lower Mainland and have a passion for public speaking? You won't want to miss this phenomenal experience: a Youth Public Speaking Contest hosted by Steps Together Foundation! 

Interested in competing? Click here to see the event poster!



We are proud to announce our Leader and Participant Award Experience Survey Winners! Pictured is Capt. Michael Marek from Vancouver with some of the winnings from his swag bag, and the winner of the Participant Award Experience survey was Noah from Victoria.

Thank you to everyone for all your wonderful feedback - we are so appreciative! #Dukelife



For more information about The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award in Canada, and to see stories & events across the Divisions be sure to visit The Duke of Ed National page!

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