Who are Assessors?


Who are Assessors? 

An Assessor is someone who helps you set challenging and realistic goals (S.M.A.R.T. goals) for your activity, helps guide you, gives feedback, and reports on your progress to your Leader. An Assessor is an adult (19 or older) who is knowledgeable and experienced in your chosen activity.


Your Assessor might directly teach or supervise you–for example, your basketball coach, piano teacher, or volunteer supervisor. An Assessor may also be someone you go to for guidance and to ask questions, a kind of mentor, even if they are not directly involved in your activity.  

Learning to connect with mentors (in the form of Assessors) is an important skill for the Award and for life. The people you build relationships with as Assessors can continue to help you long after the Award; they may continue to guide you in your activity, and also act as references for university, scholarship, and job applications. 

How can I find an Assessor? 

Often, an Assessor is someone you already know – a teacher at or outside of school, a volunteer coordinator, a trainer or coach, a community member, or a family friend. Sometimes, they are directly instructing or supervising you while you do an activity; however, this is not required. You can use solo, self-directed, or self-taught activities for Voluntary Service, Skill, and Physical Recreation sections. You will still need to check in with an Assessor regularly to update them on your progress.

What does an Assessor need to do? 

At a minimum, your Assessor needs to help you set S.M.A.R.T. goals, be available to occasionally review your activity with you, and write a report on your progress once you have completed the required number of weeks.

What do I need to do?

  1. Set a challenging, yet achievable S.MA.R.T. goal with your Assessor
  2. Check in with your Assessors, give them updates, and ask questions
  3. When your activities are complete, email (or print) the report in ORB and send it to your Assessor for authorization
  4. Have your Assessor sign the report and write their comments on your progress; then upload a scan or image of the report to ORB.

You are responsible for arranging regular check-ins with your Assessor. 

What are the requirements to be an Assessor? 

  • Knowledgeable and experienced in your chosen activity
  • Willing and able to:
    • discuss your progress with you at regular intervals (at least every 2-4 weeks),
    • authorize that you completed the required weeks of activity, and
    • write a report at the end 
  • Not a ​parent
  • An adult - 19 years or older
Your Leader will determine if your proposed Assessor is suitable for your chosen activity. 


 You can always ask your Leader for help finding an Assessor as well.