Existing Award Leaders


Award Community Learning Hub (ACLH)

Are you familiar with the ACLH for Leaders?

Leaders are expected to maintain their Award Standards and Requirements Training.
LEVEL 1 – the minimum training required for all Leaders includes the four interactive, self-guided modules:

  • Award Induction
  • Award Delivery
  • Canadian ORB Training
  • Canada Award Module



National Leader Registry

Have you completed the mandatory Registry for all new and existing Leaders?
As of June 2020, all Leaders are required to complete the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award National Registry to confirm their level of training and verify their active status with the Award. This registry completion grants Award Leaders access to the Award Community Learning Hub and the National Leader Resource Portal.


Leader Resource Portal

The National Leader Handbook, the participant guides to all Award Levels and the training materials to accompany the ACLH modules are all housed in one place. The completion of the National Leader Registry grants Award Leader access.​


Leader ORB Support


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Award At A Glance | Planning an Adventurous Journey | Participant Registration Sheet | Award Participant Registration Form | Bronze Submission Form | Silver Submission Form | Gold Submission Form 

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Start The Award | Do The Award | Adventurous Journey Page | Get The Award


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