New Record Book

We have a new ​Record ​Book!

The day has arrived! We now have our new Record Book!
The Record Book now has two parts: a Participant Handbook (your guide to doing the Award) and a Record Log Book (your log for recording your Award activities). Once you register we will now email these to you digitially. Print your Log Book and fill it in. This is all part of our Going Green Initiative.

/_uploads/bc/images/handbook2.png   /_uploads/bc/images/logbook2.png

The Participant Handbook and Record Log Book look much brighter and more vibrant, but rest assured that the Award standards are still the same.

After you’ve completed filling out your Record Book, you’re ready to submit your Award for approval! A complete submission package will include four things:
​1. your Record Log Book,
2. Submission form,
3. Adventurous Journey Report, and
4. payment for the next level (if continuing).

Hang on to your Participant Handbook as you move onto the next level of the Award!

We’re here for you! If you have any questions about completing your Duke of Ed Award in the new Record Log Book, please get in contact with us!

Started your Award with the old Record Book? Don’t worry, you will complete your Award level with the Book you already have.

/_uploads/bc/images/lbexthumb.jpg   Not sure how to log your hours? Click here for an example of a filled out Service page from the Record Log Book! 
/_uploads/bc/images/nrbsthumb.jpg    Check out our go-to guide for doing the Duke of Ed, the New Record Book Supplement.

/_uploads/bc/images/rbsithumb.jpg   If you’ve just achieved your Bronze and are now starting your Silver in the new Record Log Book, here's a quick breakdown of what's different!

After you print off your Record Log Book (log for recording Award activities), keep it is a safe place!  You will use your Participant Handbook (guide to completing the Award) throughout your Award experience; you can print it off or download it on your electronic device! That way you can bring your Participant Handbook with you wherever you go! The Record Book and Participant Handbook also make a great keepsake of your Award experience, and a great record of your accomplishments!

If you want a hard copy of the green Participant Handbook, there is an additional $​15 fee to cover printing and mailing costs. Please contact our office at or call us at 1-888-881-7788 to purchase.