Who is an Award Leader

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Are you a teacher or a youth worker who engages with young people on a daily basis? If so, you need to have a look at how The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award program can augment your youth development programming.

Every day you make a difference by engaging and enriching the lives of the young people you work with. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award provides another opportunity to enhance your work with youth. We offer a framework that seamlessly weaves into the fabric of what you do on a daily basis. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award wants to be the partner of choice with youth groups across the country. Together we can enrich the lives of young Canadians even more.


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Who are Award Leaders?

An Award Leader is a adult who works or volunteers with youth as part of a larger organization, such as a High School, Scouts, Guides, Cadets, or Community Center. The Award Leader’s aim is to help young people within their organization to access the life changing Award opportunity. They support young people by mentoring them as they register, set goals, choose activities, and work on completing their Award.

The Division office provides Award Leaders with training and access to resources and support materials. We also have staff support through our office so we can answer any questions as they come up. 

Award Leaders help participants plan their Adventurous Journey section of the Award experience, but it is important to know that this is not mandatory. Ultimately, it is the up to individual participants to plan and carry out their Award activities.
Award Leaders are the all-important cheerleaders and mentors that inspire young people to success.  

What is the role of an Award Leader?

An Award Leader’s role encompasses the following areas:
  1. Become the recognized Award expert organization
  2. Direct interested youth on how to register and get set up to start their Award
  3. Manage your Award participants using the Online Record Book (ORB) platform
  4. Mentoring and supporting participants as they work to complete their Award levels
  5. Review completed Awards before submitting to the Award office via ORB
  6. Liaise with the Division Award office as needed
  7. Read the mandatory Leader Bulletin distributed via email​ 
  8. Abide by all policies set out by The Duke of Edinb,urgh’ International Award, including but not limited to: the National Abuse Policy, National Risk Management Policy and National Branding policy and the Award Standards.  

Leader involvement includes:

  • Participating in Award Leader Training. Please contact your local division for details on upcoming workshops.
  • Celebrating achievements.
  • Helping participants organize activities that count towards Award levels.
  • Communicating with the Award Office in their division.
  • Instructing youth on how enter events in the activity log correctly (either in the record book or online).
  • Sharing stories and news about your group and participants with your divisional office.
  • Presenting achievement pins and in some in cases Bronze certificates. 

What’s the benefit of becoming an Award Leader?

Good question! Besides engaging with youth and aiding in their development of new skills, self-confidence, and a greater appreciation of the environment and community around them; you are building up your own skill set and resume with internationally recognized experience. 


Leaders and the organizations they represent are responsible for ensuring all criminal record checks and vulnerable sector screenings are up to date and that appropriate insurance is in place for any activities that the group undertakes. Please contact your division office for more information.

Updated August 2020