2020 Comox Weekend


Thanks to the gracious hospitality of 386 Komox RCACS, we will be holding another Cadets & Duke of Ed weekend in Comox, Saturday February 29th and Sunday March 1st.

This year there will be overview introductory sessions and Q&A for those interested, as well as workshops and networking for those already involved. We will be introducing a new look and information from the International Award Foundation, highlighting the Spirit of the Award.

We will also be offering full and certified Award Leader training, including the Online Record Book (ORB). Those participating will leave with a certificate (if pre-registered), pin, and a fully set up Award Unit on ORB.

This event is open to all interested, from Air, Army, and Sea Cadets, as well as community youth and Leaders. If you have family or friends that are interested in the Award please do join us and RSVP at this Facebook Event Page

For questions and attendance, please email Nikki at ntellem@dukeofed.org

Please email if you are a Cadet Officer​ ​hoping to travel to this event, and have any overnight accommodation concerns.

Saturday, February 29th

  ​½ hr
  Info Session for Cadet Leaders, Participants, & Parents
        What is the Duke of Ed?
1030   ​½ hr
  Participant Registrations  
        Please ask your Cadets to register online if already interested OR ​they can bring their registration form and payment to this session.
1100   1 hr    Participant Q&A  
        Award Requirements, Qualifying Activities, & ORB  
        Leaders! Please consider attending this session to hear what Participants are asking.
1200   ​1 hr
  Leader Q&A  
        Award Requirements, Leader Role, & ORB  
  ​½ hr
  Cadets Leading Cadets pre-session
        For those Senior Cadets leading and mentoring fellow Cadets in the Cadets Leading Cadets workshop. Receive resources, information, guidelines, and handouts.
1400    2 hrs
  Cadets Leading Cadets  
        A Cadet led workshop to discuss, brainstorm, and plan Duke of Ed goals and activities. Practice networking and plan inter-unit activities, or take those ideas back to your unit to inspire your peers.
        Leaders! Have a Senior Cadet who has Achieved an Award and currently working on Gold? Please ask them to email Nikki at ntellem@dukeofed.org if they are interested in partaking in this workshop as a Duke of Ed Mentor. 
1400   3 hrs   ​Award Leader Training  
        Award Induction, Delivery, & Online Record Book Training
        Please pre-register for this workshop so we can prepare your certificate!  

A reminder that as per RCSU(P)’s communiqué last fall, those who volunteer to be a Duke of Ed Award Leader at their Unit must be:
- a uniformed member of the staff;
- a civilian instructor on the corps/squadron establishment; or
- a screened volunteer with a PRC/VSS and a valid volunteer agreement IAW CATO 23-07.

1700       Social! Dependent on attendance - RSVP!  
        Pizza & Movie for Cadets
        Adult event TBD

        The social event portion is dependent on attendance. Please fill this form to let us know you, and your Cadets will be attending to allow for planning and budget.  

Sunday, March 1st


2 hrs
Adventurous Journey Workshop 
Requirements, Reporting, & Ideas. Start with questions, leave with a plan!
        Do you have questions about your specific Award experience? Please come see me and I'll get you on the right track!