Charter for Business

The Charter for Business

Our signature corporate giving program which recognizes business, individuals and foundations who want to champion young Canadians, giving them the opportunity to develop their full potential. By engaging the Canadian business community, the Charter for Business helps expand the Award's work with at-risk and marginalized young people. 

The Charter brings together dozens of Canada's leading corporations, foundations and individuals to ensure the Award and it's benefits are made available to the country's nearly 4.9 million young people, including the 1 million who are considered at risks. Donations at this level allows the Award to create a support network that eliminates financial barriers for young Canadians who need it most. 

Financial Commitment is $150,000 (payable over a three-year period)

"Today's young people are tomorrow's customers and employees. By investing in the Award, Canadian corporations are investing in their future community leaders of our country." Jamie Anderson  - Chair Charter for Business 

Charter for Business Board of Governors 

To discuss joining the Charter for Business please contact Victoria Selano