CFB Chair's Message

A Message from Anthony Graham

  • Chair - The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Charter for Business

 "My goal as Chair is to ensure that all young Canadians are able to take advantage of the benefits of the Award, regardless of circumstance or geography. Given the breadth of our country, and that demand for the Award continues to grow, it is imperative that the Charter for Business continues to grow as well. Without the generous donations from our corporate and individual donors we would not have the opportunity to help tens of thousands of young Canadians become better citizens."

The Charter for Business 

For  over 20 years, The Charter for Business has been partnering with businesses, foundations, and individuals to deliver the proven benefits of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award to young people across Canada, with a special focus on marginalized youth.  Together, we have contributed over $22 million toward our goal of ensuring that The Award is available to all young Canadians, regardless of circumstances, abilities, or geography.

The results have been impressive, as borne out by the statistics from a McKinsey and Company study that you will see quoted elsewhere on this page.  Even more impressive than those statistics is the constant flow of feedback from participants and leaders, testifying to improved educational attainment, enhanced employability, better health, and increased participation in civic life.  Our Founder, The Duke of Edinburgh, once described The Award as "a do it yourself growing-up kit". Fifty-three years later, The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award has helped hundreds of thousands of young people become better, more engaged Canadian citizens.

I have seen the impact of The Award first hand, as I have watched my own children receive their Awards with great pride and a sense of profound accomplishment.  As Chairman of The Charter for Business, I have been privileged to witness thousands of similar scenes across the country, reflecting the inspiring mosaic of our country.

In addition to meeting these accomplished Canadian youth, one of the most rewarding aspects of my role is working hand in hand with some of Canada's most dedicated and generous corporate citizens. 
I am proud to serve as the Chair of such a dynamic organization, and wish to sincerely thank my fellow Governors and all the Founding Partners of The Charter for Business for their generosity, support, and leadership.

Currently, over 60 generous corporations and individuals have joined me as Founding Partners of the Charter for Business.

Where the Money Goes: 

Contributions to the Charter for Business are used to:  

  • Introduce the Award to young people and community organizations in all areas of the country
  • Hire Community Field Officers to work directly with participants and community partners
  • Underwrite participant costs to ensure that there is never a financial barrier to participation 
  • Increase public awareness of the Award
  • Develop the full potential of Canada’s young people 


Anthony Graham is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sumarria Inc. and is the former Vice Chairman and President of Wittington Investments, Limited (2000 – 2019).   He serves on the Boards of Directors of  Bombardier Inc., Power Corporation of Canada, Graymont Limited, and Grupo Calidra. He is Chairman of the Ontario Arts Foundation, The Shaw Festival Foundation and Vice-Chairman of the Council of Business and the Arts in Canada. He is also a director of the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, and Luminato.