Champions of Youth


The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a leading youth achievement program that champions young Canadians aged 14-24, empowering them to utilize their passions by helping them to believe in the power of their own potential.

We recognize that not all learning happens in the classroom, and our program challenges young Canadians to develop the skills and confidence they need to improve themselves and their communities, by encouraging them to reach beyond their comfort zone. We strive to engage young Canadians in all  communities to give them a unique, experiential and supportive platform to develop the skills they need to succeed life.

The Champions of Youth fund empowers individuals like you make a significant impact in the investment of Canadian Youth. Your contribution ensures that we continue to challenge young Canadians to surpass ordinary and experience extraordinary. 

Your pledge supports our aim to challenge participants in the following areas:

• Community Service • Physical Recreation • Leadership Cultivation
• Skill Development • Adventurous Journey  

With your pledge of $1000 (which can be billed monthly $83.35) you will be investing in the Duke of Ed as we work toward raising a $100k to benefit the future of our youth. 

The Champion of Youth Fund will help: 

• Grow the capacity of the Award Nationally within Local communities.
• Ensure the Award is accessible to all Canadian youth.
• Support national and local outreach initiatives. 

How to Donate

If you would like to set up monthly installments please contact: 

Mary Kosta-Cadas  at or 416-203-0674 x 2005

For a one-time donation please use the donation field below.  Please indicate "National" for the location of your donation.