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Give Back 

Through the Service section you can volunteer in your community, meet people and see how your service benefits those around you. Volunteering over a period of time enables you to meet people within the community whom you might not otherwise engage with and realize the positive impact you can make to your community. It can also help improve skills such as team work, communication and self-confidence.​


Examples of Service Activities
Opportunities vary widely from community to community, and the list below is intended to provide you with some samples of possible Service which you may be able to do in your community.

  • conservation projects 
  • helping the elderly, sick, people with a disability or disadvantaged (in an organized setting or on an individual basis) 
  • help at your local library 
  • provide teaching or service at your place of worship 
  • volunteer work for non-profit organizations 
  • be a youth leader; volunteer on committees at school

  • For the complete requirements for the Community Service section please click here. ​