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If you are living in Alberta or the Northwest Territories, here is a list of some local opportunities for you to complete your Award while physically distancing! 

Meet with Us Virtually

Stay connected and get support by joining our virtual meetups through Zoom. This is a place where young people can get support with their Award, and connect with our team and others to ask questions. While these virtual meetups are primarily geared for young people, Award Leaders and other Award volunteers are welcome to take part. Register Today! 

Community Service Ideas 

Foster an animal. In Alberta there are a number of organizations which  you can connect with to help an animal in need. 

In Calgary: 

Northwest Territories 

Get involved with an organization which does home based volunteer projects

Physical Recreation Ideas

Join the Alberta Award team on Instagram for their daily Loosen up at Lunch session. Happens daily at noon from Monday to Friday!

Northwest Territories 

Dance your heart out. Check out Pulse Studio for their daily dance party on Instagram. 

Skill Ideas

Adventurous Journey Prep 

Here is a list of organizations that can help you begin to prep for your AJ while at home!