Ideas for doing your Gold Project during COVID-19

We recognize that the Gold Project is one of the more difficult sections to complete during COVID-19. We have been working with our partners to find opportunities that meet the Gold Project ethos in a virtual setting.  Get an idea of what you can do from home from the examples below. Pick one activity to set a SMART goal in, find an appropriate Assessor and achieve from home. 

Experiences Canada Virtual Exchange Program



More information on the Experiences Canada Virtual Exchange Program

Experiences Canada is offering a This! Is Canada virtual exchange program that can qualify as a Gold Project. This is an opportunity to meet other young people from across Canada virtually and learn about where they are from. It will encourage them to discover the diverse history, geography, languages, cultures and ways of life that shape their communities and our country. Virtual Exchanges can support social studies, language, and creative studies curricula from Grades 7-12, as well as second language learning. There are a few key points to know for this experience to qualify as a Gold Project: 

  • Participants must complete all 6 modules ( Daily life, History, Geography, Economy, Indigenous Perspectives and Arts/Culture) that are offered by Experiences Canada through the Virtual Exchange Program. (Experiences Canada requires only 4)
  • The in-person exchange is not required as part of this Gold Project. You can still do this after submitting your report on ORB. 
  • Award Participants can potentially be paired​ (twinned) with other Award Participants across Canada during this project when registering with Experiences Canada. When registering as an individual for this opportunity at Question 6 please write "The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Canada” in the text field. 
  • The age limit for this opportunity is 17 years old (or turning 18 in their last year of high school). 
  • Register for this opportunity with Experiences Canada by Wednesday April 14th.
  • Register today for this opportunity. Remember you will be registering as an Individual and Award Centre's can also register as a group! 


IUCN Global Youth Summit 

The IUCN One Nature, One Future Global Youth Summit will enable young people from around the world to connect, exchange ideas and experiences. A Summit Outcome statement will be delivered to the IUCN Members’ Assembly in Marseille, France, as part of the commitment to working side by side with youth. 

Dates:  April 5 - 16, 2021 
Ages:  18-35 
To register: 


Passion to Purpose 

Passion to Purpose (P2P) is a leadership program by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Canada. It aims to empower young Canadians to create meaningful service-led projects in their communities. Through the P2P program and in partnership with the Federal Government, young Canadians have the opportunity to apply for a community grant of up to $2,000 in an effort to bring the projects to life. 

Dates:  TBA 
Registration Deadline:  TBA 
Ages:  14-30 
Learn more about this opportunity: ​

SHAD Canada 

Shad Canada’s program attracts students with high aptitudes for risk taking, curiosity, excellence and resilience, and prepares them to take on social and economic challenges. The month-long program includes a real-world design challenge that asks students to work on issues such as food security, water management and waste. 

Note:  SHAD 2020 also qualifies as a Gold Project. If participants took part in the virtual SHAD 2020 experience they can use that as their Gold Project. 

Dates:  July 5-30, 2021 
Registration Deadline:  Closed for SHAD 2021 
Ages:  High School students currently completing Grade 10, 11 (Secondaire IV, V in Quebec) 
Learn more about SHAD: 


Updated March 2021