Ideas for doing your Gold Project during COVID-19

We recognize that the Gold Project is one of the more difficult sections to complete during COVID-19. Here are some ideas of Gold Project opportunities you can complete from home. Remember to set your SMART goal and find an appropriate Assessor.

*Registration is open until January 16, 2022

Do the Work! Youth Forum on Allyship (open to youth aged 14-18) will explore social justice topics as well as develop allyship and advocacy skills among youth. We have partnered with some great organisations to deliver a series of seven bi-weekly webinars/workshops:

  • Islamophobia – Jan 31
  • Environmental Racism (presented by Shake up the estab) – Feb 16
  • Mental Health (presented by – Feb 28
  • Disability Justice – March14
  • Social Media Impacts (presented by Never Was Average) – March 28
  • LGBTQ2+ (presented by Wisdom 2 Action) – April 6
  • Reconciliation – April 25

Youth who complete the full webinar series will be invited to travel to Winnipeg to attend a 3-day in-person National Forum on Allyship from May 6-8, 2022. In Winnipeg, they will have the opportunity to work collaboratively to produce their own podcast on youth allyship and/or advocacy. Health and safety is our top priority, and at this stage, we do anticipate restrictions being eased by the Spring. Advanced protocols will be in place for the event to ensure the health and safety of all participants.

This program will provide Canadian youth with an opportunity to further their education about social justice issues within Canada and develop their allyship and advocacy competencies as well as create life long friendships and connections with other youth passionate about social change.

If you’re unsure if an opportunity meets Gold Project requirements complete this Gold Project Planning Template to see if it fits. This template should be submitted to your Award Leader with your ORB submission for approval.  

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