Physical Recreation Activity Idea List

Get an idea of what you can do at home from the examples below. Pick one activity to set a SMART goal in, find an appropriate Assessor and achieve at home.

  •  Join Hike Nova Scotia’s Hiker Challenge to discover Nova Scotia’s beautiful trails.  It’s tailored to showcase the best of the province while providing helpful and fun challenges in doing so.
  • Get your heart pumping by doing a YMCA Online workout . Or you can do a daily workout with your friends and family via live streaming. 
  • Dance like no-one watching. Check out  Dance Alone Together for a variety of digital dance classes.  You can also look up studios in your area. Many are offering free classes daily via Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. 
  • Stretch and move with Lululemon. This Canadian has developed an online hub for sweat sessions and mindfulness practices. Each practice is about 20 minutes long. Start your practice today.
  • Bring your love of sports home. Built with the NBA HOMECOURT helps build skills in a variety of different sports. Platform is free until May 31
  • Do an hour’s YouTube fitness video each week (you can try Bootcamps, pilates, dance routines and more)
  • If you’ve got access to some outside space - do some circuit training
  • ​Learn some sports skills from Olympians. Check out Learn Sports - they have videos on dynamic stretching as well as skills videos for basketball, soccer, football, rugby just to name a few. 
  • Get out on your bike in your local area – use an app to track your routes to upload as evidence on the Online Record Book (ORB)
  • WiiFit games
  • Completing different walks in your local area
  • Sport skills (i.e. practicing skills to develop in your favorite sport)
  • Yoga (you could also use YouTube tutorials)
  • Fitness challenges (e.g. 100 press up challenge, plank challenge, step challenge)



Update August 2020