Community Service Activity Ideas

From the list below begin to pick one or two ideas where you can begin to set a goal and achieve at home. ​

  • Have an idea of how you can make a difference in your community? Apply for our Passion to Purpose community service grant! Where we fund your project with either a $250, $750 or $1500 grant! 
  • Virtual volunteering - Our partners at Volunteer Canada have developed an extensive list of ways you can volunteer virtually! 
  • Do you love to research? Check out Zooniverse where as a participant you can get involved in a variety of projects. This worldwide platform can see you making an impact on a project across the globe from your home. To make it count for your Service - look up projects that are people powered opportunities. It can also count as a Skill if you support research in  space, climate change, nature etc. 
  • Volunteer to help a person who is visually impaired. Be My Eyes - has opportunities through it's app (available for Andriod and iPhone) to be a sighted volunteer or help translate their app so it is more accessible for more people in their native language. Volunteer options are available at the bottom of their page via Join the Community!
  • Help your community! You can do yard work, gardening, chop wood for an elder neighbour, pick up groceries for someone in need. The possibilities are endless of ways you can support family, friends and your community. 
  • Make a video in support of front-line workers. Take a moment to thank them for keeping us safe. You can also make a video to cheer up someone who is in isolation alone. 
  • Prepare some resources to be used by the younger members of your youth group to be sent home to parents online to help them during isolation
  • Prepare some meal parcels, go shopping or walk the dog of people who are affected by coronavirus
  • Skype talk / face time / WhatsApp call to the elderly neighbour to keep them from being isolated
  • Maintain Facebook or Instagram page / websites for a local group or charity
  • Support your local Church. Reach out to children’s/youth pastor and ask if you there are any games, lesson plans, or packages you can put together for pick up outside the church. 
    Take a youth ministry course, leadership course or a group facilitation course. Lead an online bible study for your friends. Ask your pastor if there are any future events you can plan for the youth group (Ex: a volunteer night, rec night, etc).

Updated August 2020