Skills Activity Ideas 

Get an idea of what you can do at home from the examples below. Pick one activity to set a SMART goal in, find an appropriate Assessor and achieve at home.

  • Join a Virtual Orchestra 
  • Take an art class online, Check our Free art lessons for kids and adults by Youtuber Wild Free and Crafty 
  • Learn a new language. Use an app like Duolingo  (bonus its free) or Rosetta stone (which is a monthly subscription)
  • Learn a new skill of your own choosing. Check out Skill Share or LinkedIn learning to discover a world of new skills. Possibilities are endless. 
  • Do you love to research? Check out Zooniverse where as a participant you can, support climate change or even map out the stars! 
  • Learn to cook in your own kitchen 
  • Learning sign language. Sign Language 101 has a bunch of free tutorials. 
  • Learn first aid with St John Ambulance
  • NEW!! Learn music and explore how it connects to math, science and art! Google Chrome Music Lab you can make and share your own music!
  • NEW!! The Canadian Space Agency has launched online courses via their Junior Astronauts program.If you've ever wanted to explore the stars, check out their programs. 
  • NEW!! Kiva is an online homeschooling free platform that teaches you about World Issues like global poverty, refugees, food safety, clean water, entrepreneurship, the value of family and financial inclusion. You can check out their lessons here
  • New!! Audible has made it's library of books free. You can find a variety of books that you can use to tutour, or even share as part of your community service. 
  • Learn to play an instrument – use YouTube or other online videos to help you
  • Learn to knit, sew or crochet
  • Make birthday / greeting cards – learning to do decoupage or print screen
  • Learn some DIY skills – help out with any jobs at home
  • Learn to garden – set up a vegetable or herb plot at home
  • Create an app to help with online learning for primary students
  • Learn coding and programming skills online
  • Research your family: set up a family tree online and use resources to find out more about them – call your family to chat about their memories and family stories – ask them to send copies of birth and death certificates to help you in your research – how far can you go back?
  • Reading; write and share a book review of each one you read
  • Painting, drawing or model making
  • Table top gaming
  • Film making or vlogging
  • Learn to build a website
  • Put up a birdfeeder and learn about the birds coming to your garden
  • Meditation – Headspace app

Last updated September 28th, 2020