Adventurous Journey Ideas 

Here you will find a list of different ways you can start, continue, and work towards completing your Adventurous Journey. Standard Adventurous Journey requirements need to be met and can be found here.  All accommodations and plans should be discussed and approved by your Award Leader before undertaking your Journey.  


RBC Adventurous Journey Grant for Silver and Gold participants

We have partnered with RBC Future Launch to provide grants of up to $250 to help ​Silver and Gold Award participants complete their AJ. To learn more about this opportunity and how to apply click here


Adventurous Journey Prep

Get your team together (4-8 peers) and keep in touch with them virtually so you can start your preliminary training, begin researching, and planning your trip. There are many resources available online with activities to develop your navigation, first aid, environmental awareness, and camp craft skills that you can do at home. Start your prep by checking out some of  Parks Canada camping basics. 

Urban Exploration

An Exploration must involved pre-journey research into the topic, an on-site study during the Journey, and a report on your findings. Find a team, brain storm your ideas, and speak to your Award Leader to find out more about planning your Urban Exploration.

Virtual Bronze Exploration  

This is a virtual team experience that can be completed online and will ensure you learn all the basic principals the AJ teaches. The VBE is currently being run through Award Centres and/or Award Leaders. To learn more about the VBE and how it works, click here

To learn how you can complete your VBE, please contact your Award Leader for more details on getting started. 

 Independent Participants can sign up for the VBE through our website here 

Semi-Virtual Team Journey

Speak to your Award Leader about fulfilling the team component of your Journey by incorporating a semi-virtual experience (all Journeys must have a team between 4-8 peers).

 Independent Participants can sign up for the ​Semi-Virtual Team Journey through our website here 

Trained Activity Providers

Communicate with your Award Leader and/or divisional office to see if there are Trained Activity Providers in your province or territory.   

Updated ​February 2021