Temporary Program Changes

In order ensure participants can continue achieving their Award, we've made temporary changes to our program requirements so participants can continue on their journey during COVID-19. We want to do everything we can to continue supporting Award Leaders and our participants during these challenging time.


  1. Age Requirement - Extension for Participants who will turn 25 in 2020

    For participants who will celebrate their 25th birthday in the remainder of 2020, we have added an extension to enable them to complete their Award. They will now have until December 31st, 2021 to complete their Award. This extension does not require approval from your local Award office. We understand how difficult it will be for many young people to complete their Award and want to ensure that this global pandemic is not a barrier. 

  2. ​Volunteer Service Change - Participants can now volunteer for family members as part of their Award activities.

    If a participant is unable to find a way to give back to their community during COVID, they may volunteer for a family member a part of their Award. This should only be done if no other options are available to participants. 

    If a participant’s voluntary Service activity becomes untenable, and volunteering online/remotely is not possible, they may change their activity to volunteering within the home, with other members of the family/living unit. 

    Regular chores or other household duties will not count! The volunteering done for family members still need to have a SMART Goal attached to them. As with all Award activities, they should be structured and help participants meet the requirements and outcomes of the Service section. As with all Award sections, the Assessor for the section cannot be a family member. 

  3. Adventurous Journey changes

    The requirement for a Bronze Practice Journey can be waived OR where a Practice journey has been completed, it can count as the Bronze Qualifying Journey,  but only if the Award Coordinator / Award Leader is confident that participants are able to do a Qualifying Journey, based on:
    - a thorough health and safety risk assessment of the Adventurous Journey,
    -the team demonstrating the required knowledge and skills from training and preparation,
    -and the team having successfully come together to establish their roles.  

    If a standard Practice Journey was already completed by the team, and the Supervisor believes that the Adventurous Journey  Requirements were met and the learning outcomes for the group and individuals were achieved on that trip, that Practice Journey can be considered the Qualifying Journey for either the Bronze or Silver level. Please note, the Bronze Practice Journey must have included an overnight. Current Award requirements for Bronze Practice is listed as one day, however we recognize that some groups do include an overnight. 

    Participants can register and continue to Silver and then can submit their Bronze Award for approval once their Silver practice Adventurous Journey is completed. This change will mean that Bronze participants do not need to complete a Bronze Adventurous Journey to complete their Bronze Award. 

    These changes are designed to help take pressures off organizations/and or schools who will not be able to run multiple Bronze and Silver Adventurous Journeys at the same time.