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Temporary Program Changes

To support our Award Leaders and participants during these challenging times and to encourage you to stay active, we have made some temporary changes to our Award requirements. We hope you can use the Award to stay engaged and create a sense of community and connection.  

Temporary program changes will be in effect from May 1 – December 31 2020 and will be continually reviewed. Participants can reach out to their Award Leader or Division for more information about these changes. Award Leaders can find guides and more information about program accommodations on our Award Leader Resource Portal. 

To see the changes we have made to help participants complete their Award during COVID19 download our at-a-glace guides. We have made one for Award Leaders and one for Participants. You can view the sheet online or download for easy reference and to share with your Award Centre, Award Group or Award Unit.  If you have any questions, please contact us at